NBN HFC rollout is put on hold

NBN CEO, Bill Morrow, recently announced that it was putting the rollout of its Hybrid Fibre-Coaxial (HFC) connections on hold while it reviews and fixes issues around the per performance experienced by end users.
This move has come about after NBN’s admitted to making a mistake with the HFC mistake rollout; prioritising activations/connections over ensuring the network was up to the task.

Issues related to speeds, dropouts and migrating customers to the HFC network have been noted as the specific issues to fix.

NBN warned that there could be a delay of up to 9 months while it reviews and remediates the network.
A spokesperson from NBN said, “In order to meet a higher level of service quality, NBN Co will be performing advanced network testing and remediation where needed, including connector replacements, signal amplification calibration, and lead-in work as required”.

This rollout largely impacts the inner city suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney but also affects many premises in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, including small businesses that are in the HFC footprint.

NBN noted that connection requests placed before the middle of December 2017 would progress as per usual, however, will not take new orders after this date until NBN is satisfied the issues are resolved. NBN also noted that an update could be expected around February 2018 and during the process, existing connections will be reviewed and fixed where required.

On a technical note, one of the issues NBN experienced was with the connectors (sometimes called joints or taps) often found located up on the utility poles, which connect customer premises to the network. A majority of the HFC networks in Australia were rolled out in the 90’s and early 2000’s, so some of these connectors could be over 20 years old.

Another issue was with the spectrum band NBN was using to deliver its super-fast broadband service. Some experts and critics suggest that the spectrum being used (15-40MHz) for the NBN network is not designed for super-fast broadband and is more prone to interference versus other spectrum ranges used on the cable network (Telstra Cable and Foxtel Pay TV).

Other technical issues cited were focused around those in the customer premise, particularly the wall plates, which can be moved about and loosened as people connect and disconnect cables a the wall plate, making them unstable.

While it’s frustrating our customers have to wait to be connected to the NBN, we would much rather the network be in tip-top condition and customers receive the service they’re promised, rather than a sub-par service.
We wait for further updates from NBN on the progress of this remediation effort.

Update (March 2018):
In March 2018 nbnCo released details on the resumption of HFC rollout. Several changes were made to timelines, however, some areas existing HFC equipment was deemed inappropriate for use and is now slated to receive Fibre-to-he-Curb (FTTC) technology.

The NBN and HICAPS Terminals

The NBN and HICAPSIf you are a Health Care provider, you’ll no doubt be aware of HICAPS, or the Health Industry Claims and Payments Service. Health Care providers will better know HICAPS as the terminal they used to process their client payments and claims with heath funds. In this post, we discuss the NBN and HICAPS and what you might need to do to get ready before making the switch to NBN.

As with most systems like HICAPS, EFTPOS terminals and other systems like Fax Machines, the NBN may greatly affect your ability to use those systems if they use the telephone network. to communicate.

If your business is thinking about making the move to the National Broadband Network (NBN) and you have a HICAPS terminal, you’ll need to ensure your terminal will work when you switch over to the NBN.

The NBN and HICAPS – why the concern?

Depending on the type of NBN service available to you, once installed you may lose some of your existing communications services including PSTN phone lines. Older HICAPS terminals utilise the standard telephone network, or PSTN in industry speak to process transactions. In some areas, the NBN will be decommissioning the PSTN network leaving some businesses with a decision to make out their phone lines and other technology connected to them.

If your phone services are ISDN lines, then there is no need for immediate concern. Your old terminal will continue to function in this case, however it’s always worth swapping out to a new HICAPS terminal to ensure you have the latest features.

What do I need to do?

There’s no need to be too concerned as it appears HICAPS are on the front-foot and have started to swap out older terminals for units that will support life after the switch to the NBN. You simply need to contact HICAPS and request

You may need to consider other changes with regards to your HICAPS terminal. The HICAPS website contains more information on what you might need to do when changing over to the NBN.

The other advantages of moving to the NBN.

Along with upgrading your HICAPS terminal, moving to the NBN also gives you access to new services that might offer a health care provider greater business efficiency, like a Cloud Phone System or Online Backup service to ensure your business better communicates with your customers and your business is protected from data loss.

innoTel has a great range of cloud communication services that are designed to work over the NBN.

Get in touch to find out more.


Moving to the NBN. How late is ‘too late’ & nbn disconnection date.

As the NBN roll-out progresses, we’re seeing more and more areas coming up to their nbn disconnection date where all existing copper phone and broadband services will be disconnected in favor of the new NBN services.

The nbn disconnection dates affect those who have had either a Fibre to the Premise (FTTP), Fibre to the Node (FTTN), Fibre to the Basement (FTTB) or Hybrid Fibre-Coaxial (HFC) and occurs 18-months after an area has had its NBN network installed and is considered Ready for Service (RFS).

We have come across customers who had thought the nbn disconnection date was the date they had to order a new NBN service by, which is isn’t incorrect, but also given some of the complexities around transferring phone numbers from copper to VoIP services, could mean you need to allow more time.

As the old copper based phone services are being replaced by Voice over IP (VoIP) services, in most cases your new NBN provider will need to also transfer your old phone numbers from your copper phone services to a new platform, which requires a process called ‘porting’. Porting, the process of moving phone numbers between networks, can take up to 30-business days in some cases.

Imagine this scenario;

Michelle runs a hairdressers; all of their appointments are made over the phone and they have lots of long term clients who either know the number off the top of their heads or it’s stored in their phones.

Michelle’s shop is located in an area which had the NBN rolled out 17 months ago and the old copper phone and broadband services in the area are being disconnected in a month’s time. Not wanting to lose her phone number because everyone know’s it, she rings Provider X who discusses the appropriate service plans with her and she settles and signs on the dotted line.

It is not until after Michelle places the order that Provider X realises that there is approximately 20-business days before Michelle’s old services will be disconnected and the porting process for her phone numbers can take up to 30-business days.

See the problem? It’s purely mathematical. The 30-business days required for most phone number ports does not fit into the 20-business days before the nbn disconnection date for Michelle’s area.

So what happens? It’s possible that Michelle could lose her phone numbers. The very same phone numbers that everyone knows.

That’s a BIG problem for small businesses…

What can you do to prevent that happening to your business?

NBNCo recommends businesses should leave no more than 12-months before the nbn disconnection date for their area to transfer their services. While 12-months seems a long time out, our advice would be, if you haven’t already moved across when the network was rolled out, is to start considering the move to the NBN around 12-months out from the nbn disconnection date, with a view to making the move with 6 or more months out from the nbn disconnection date.

This leaves ample time to organise the NBN Broadband connection and porting of the phone numbers, with little to no downtime for your business.

Are you coming to your nbn disconnection date? Perhaps it’s time we discussed moving you to the NBN sooner rather than later. Give us a call, send us an email or jump on live chat and see what innoTel can do for your business.


25 areas will have copper services disconnected in Jan 2017

Quite a large number of areas across Australia are slated to have their existing phone and broadband services disconnected on the  20th of January 2017 as a result of the NBN rolling out in those areas over 18-months ago, some of which include a high number of business premises.

If you haven’t yet sorted out your move to the NBN, now is the time!

As the remaining homes and businesses rush to get their connections sorted in these, we expect there will be an influx of orders. Combine that with businesses generally winding down their operations and taking time off over the holidays, it doesn’t leave much time to switch to the NBN.

NBN FTTP (Fibre to the Premise) services have replaced existing phone and broadband services, offering super-fast speeds of up to 100Mbps download and 40Mbps upload. innoTel has a range of NBN business broadband plans.

The following areas or parts of them will have their old copper phone (PSTN) and broadband services (ADSL/ADSL2+) disconnected on the 20th of January 2017:

  • Strathfield NSW
  • Lidcombe NSW
  • Taree NSW
  • Darley VIC
  • Golden Point, Mount Pleasant, Bakery Hill (Ballarat) VIC
  • Cranbourne VIC
  • Yarraville VIC
  • Langwarrin VIC
  • Noble Park VIC
  • Melton West VIC
  • Epping VIC
  • Werribee VIC
  • Drewvale, Karawatha, Parkinson, Calamvale QLD
  • Bellbird Park, Augustine Heights QLD
  • Over 20  (parts) QLD
  • Kirwan, Thuringowa Central, Cranbrook QLD
  • Hyde Park, Pimlico, Hermit Park QLD
  • Collinswood, Enfield, Nailsworth, Sefton Park, Broadview SA
  • Medindie, Medindie Gardens, Walkerville, Gilberton SA
  • Old Noarlunga, Noarlunga Downs SA
  • Applecross WA
  • Bluff Point, Spalding WA
  • Pinjarra WA
  • Victoria Park WA
  • Fannie Bay, Parap, The Gardens, East Point NT

Not all premises in these areas will be disconnected, so you should check to see if you are affected. Not sure if you’re located in one of these areas? Check your address using our NBN Rollout Map. If you are located in one of these areas, it’s worth getting your connection to the NBN sorted as soon as possible.  innoTel can help you make the transition to the NBN in time and smoothly, with no down-time for your business. Get in contact with us to find out how.

The nbn is coming Highett, Hampton East, Moorabbin and Cheltenham (VIC)

The nbntm has begun rolling out in Highett, Hampton East, Moorabbin and Cheltenham and will be the first suburbs to in the Bayside region of Melbourne, Victoria to receive the nbntm.

Businesses in Highett, Hampton East, Moorabbin and Cheltenham can now look forward to faster broadband internet speeds, better access to cloud services and fully featured digital phone services.

The selected areas in Highett, Hampton East, Moorabbin and Cheltenham are all in the ‘In-Build’ state at the time of this post, meaning that nbncotm are conducting pre-construction activities to deliver the network, readying for release to the public.

Hampton East is currently in the ‘Planning’ stage, meaning nbncotm are working through the details on how the network will be constructed.

Postcodes for these areas include Hampton East (3188), Highett (3190), Moorabbin (3189) and Cheltenham (3192).

A mixture of Hybrid Fibre-Coaxial (HFC) and Fibre to the Node (FTTN) technologies will service these areas, with super-fast broadband speeds up to 100Mbps download and 40Mpbs upload available to businesses.

Register your interest and we’ll keep you update when the status of the nbntm rollout in your area changes and when you’ll be able to make the switch to the nbntm.

Areas will start to go-live from the 9th of December 2016 and progressively throughout 2017. Contact us today and find out when your area and premise will be ready for the nbntm.

nbn areas to be “switched-off” November 2016

Once an area has been nbn enabled, businesses (and homes) have approximately 18-months to make the move to the nbn. Once this period has elapsed, the old phone and broadband technology, like PSTN and ADSL2+ broadband is decommissioned and those who haven’t made the switch are likely to lose their services.

Not all areas in these towns and suburbs will have their non-nbn services cut off; you can check our innoTel Facebook page for maps showing you the areas affected. Like our Facebook page while you’re there to keep up to date with the nbn rollout and other great business related technology information.

If you’re in one of the areas listed below, give innoTel a call on 1300 736 048 and we can confirm if your business is affected by checking your address.

So how do you know what date your area is being ‘switched off’? We’’ keep you updated right here!

Here’s the list of towns, suburbs and areas due for disconnection on 11 November 2016:

NSW: Auburn, Blacktown, Boambee, Boambee East, Coffs Harbour, North Boambee Valley, West Gosford, Narara, Wollongong, Wyoming, Mount Elliot

NT: Mitchell, Moulden, Rosebery, Woodroffe, Marlow Lagoon

QLD: Castle Hill, North Ward, Townsville City, Eagle Farm, Fitzgibbon, Rangeville

SA: Strathalbyn, Blackmans Bay,

TAS: Blackmans Bay, Somerset,

VIC: Ballarat East, Brown Hill, Eureka, Bakery Hill, Brunswick East, Carlton, Langwarrin, Melton, Kurunjang, Mooroopna, Shepparton, Springvale South, Keysborough, West Melbourne, Footscray, Dudley Park, Rivervale, Lathlain

Not all premises in each of the locations above are due to be ‘switched off’. There are multiple regions in each town, suburb and area so your neighbour across the street might be part of the switch-off, while you might not be!

Sounds a bit confusing, however give us a call on 1300 736 048 and we’ll let you know if you’re affected.

nbn areas to be “switched-off” October 2016

October 2016

Once the nbn have rolled out its technology in an area, businesses (and homes) have 18-months to make the move to the nbn. Once this 18-month’s is up, services like your PSTN phone and ADSL2+ broadband is ‘switched off’.

If you’re in one of the areas listed below, give innoTel a call on 1300 736 048 and we can confirm if your business is affected by checking your address.

Here’s October 2016’s list of towns, suburbs and areas due for disconnection on 14 October 2016;

ACT: City, Acton

NSW: Londonderry, Penrith, Penrith, Pitnacree, Tenambit, East Maitland, Shelly Beach, Long Jetty, Taree, Cundletown

NT: Malak, Marrara, Moil, Anula

QLD: Hendra, Ascot, Kirwan, Heatley, South Toowoomba, Centenary Heights, Toowoomba

SA: Kilburn, Prospect, Blair Athol, Moana, Seaford Rise, Maslin Beach, Modbury, Prospect

TAS: New Town, North Hobart, Mount Stuart, Rose Bay, Lindisfarne

VIC: Brunswick West, Brunswick, Brunswick East, Princes Hill, Brunswick, Parkville, Carlton, Frankston, Invermay, Invermay Park, Ballarat North, Melton, Mooroopna, Shepparton, Springvale South, Keysborough, West Melbourne, Footscray, Dudley Park

Keep in mind not all premises in each of the locations above are due to be ‘switched off’. There are multiple regions in each town, suburb and area so your neighbour across the street might be part of the switch-off, while you might not be!

Sounds a bit confusing, however give us a call on 1300 736 048 and we’ll let you know if you’re affected.

NBN Three-year Construction Plan (October 2015 Update)

The latest NBN Three-year Construction plan was announced on the 16 of October 2015, outlining the expected time-frames for the roll-out of NBN services in selected areas, along with expected premises within those areas and the anticipated technology NBNCo expects to use in those areas. This three-year plan takes NBNCo up until September 2018, where it is expected it will release a new plan to cover the remaining areas.

Check to see if your business premises is coming live soon. If it is, why not talk to innoTel today about what you’ll need to do before making the move to the NBN.

The list is quite long, so we’ve provided it in a searchable table format for easy use. The list doesn’t include areas that have already been completed, or were in the process of being built when the report was released.

NBN Three-year Rollout Plan October 2015

StateRegionAreas where construction scheduled to commence before end Sep 2018Estimated number of premises within areasAnticipated technologyExpected time of first site to commence construction
ACTBonnerBonner Casey Forde Hall800FTTP, FTTNH2-2017
ACTCivicActon Ainslie Braddon Campbell City Dickson Downer Hackett Lyneham O'Connor Reid Turner Watson16900FTTNQ4-2016
ACTDeakinChapman Chifley Curtin Deakin Duffy Fisher Garran Holder Hughes Lyons Phillip Rivett Stirling Tharwa Waramanga Weston Yarralumla18600FTTNH2-2018
ACTKambahFarrer Isaacs Kambah Mawson O'Malley Oxley Pearce Torrens Wanniassa16800FTTNQ4-2016
ACTQueanbeyanCrestwood Greenleigh Hume Jerrabomberra Karabar Oaks Estate Queanbeyan Queanbeyan East Queanbeyan West The Ridgeway4800FTTP, FTTN42401
ACTScullinActon Charnwood Dunlop Evatt Florey Flynn Fraser Hawker Higgins Holt Latham Macgregor McKellar Melba Page Scullin Spence23300FTTNQ4-2016
NSWAlbion ParkAlbion Park Albion Park Rail Haywards Bay Oak Flats Tullimbar10300FTTNQ2-2016
NSWAlburyAlbury East Albury South Albury West Albury13200FTTN42401
NSWAlstonvilleBroken Head Federal510Fixed WirelessQ4-2016
NSWAlstonvilleAlstonville Wollongbar3400FTTNH2-2017
NSWOtfordCoalcliff Helensburgh Lilyvale Otford Stanwell Park Stanwell Tops3100FTTNH2-2017
NSWAshfieldAshbury Ashfield Croydon Haberfield Summer Hill18700HFCH1-2018
NSWAvalon BeachAvalon Bilgola Palm Beach7500FTTNQ2-2016
NSWBalgowlahBalgowlah Balgowlah Heights Clontarf Fairlight Manly Manly Vale North Balgowlah Seaforth18200HFCH1-2017
NSWBalmainBalmain Balmain East Birchgrove Lilyfield Rozelle13200HFCH1-2017
NSWBankstownBankstown Bankstown Aerodrome Condell Park Georges Hall Greenacre Mount Lewis Punchbowl Yagoona25300HFCH2-2017
NSWBraidwoodCaptains Flat Majors Creek Mt Gillamatong540Fixed Wireless42248
NSWBaulkham HillsBaulkham Hills Northmead Winston Hills11600HFCH2-2017
NSWBegaJellat Jellat Hill Kalaru North420Fixed WirelessQ2-2016
NSWBegaBega Tathra3100FTTNH1-2017
NSWBerowraBerowra Berowra Heights Brooklyn Cowan Dangar Island Mount Kuring-Gai4500FTTNQ2-2016
NSWBarham-KoondrookBarham Koondrook1300FTTNH2-2017
NSWBallinaBallina Cumbalum East Ballina Lennox Head Skennars Head West Ballina13600FTTNH2-2017
NSWBermaguiAkolele Corunna Village Mystery Bay Wallaga Lake720Fixed Wireless42278
NSWBendalongBendalong Cunjurong Point Manyana1000FTTNH2-2017
NSWBroken HillBroken Hill10600FTTNH2-2017
NSWBombalaBombala Delegate Mt Delegate290Fixed Wireless42248
NSWWaverleyBondi Bondi Junction Bronte Queens Park Tamarama Waverley Woollahra22400HFCH1-2017
NSWBotanyBanksmeadow Botany Botany Bay Eastgardens Maroubra Pagewood South Coogee20300HFCH1-2017
NSWBotanyBanksmeadow Botany Bay Port Botany800FTTNH2-2017
NSWBringellyAustral Austral South Badgerys Creek North Bringelly Bringelly North Catherine Field Catherine Field North Denham Court Rossmore West Hoxton4070Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
NSWBringellyCatherine Field400FTTNH2-2017
NSWBranxton-GretaBranxton East Branxton Greta North Rothbury Rothbury3100FTTNQ1-2017
NSWBathurstClarence Georges Plains Glanmire Little Hartley Mount Victoria750Fixed Wireless42248
NSWBathurstAbercrombie Bathurst Eglinton Gormans Hill Kelso Llanarth Mitchell Raglan Robin Hill South Bathurst West Bathurst White Rock Windradyne14200FTTNQ3-2016
NSWBatemans BayCullendulla140Fixed Wireless42309
NSWBatemans BayBatehaven Batemans Bay Catalina Denhams Beach Long Beach Maloneys Beach North Batemans Bay Sunshine Bay Surf Beach Surfside9100FTTNQ1-2017
NSWBulahdelahBulahdelah East Nerong270Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
NSWBuff PointBlue Haven Budgewoi Budgewoi Peninsula Buff Point Chain Valley Bay Doyalson Doyalson North Halekulani Lake Munmorah Mannering Park San Remo Wyee Wyee Point12600FTTNQ2-2016
NSWBurwoodHomebush West North Strathfield13300HFCH2-2016
NSWBawley PointBawley Point600FTTNH1-2017
NSWByron BayBangalow Byron Bay Ewingsdale Suffolk Park7400FTTNQ1-2017
NSWCamden HavenCamden Head Dunbogan Kendall Kew Lakewood Laurieton North Haven West Haven5000FTTNQ3-2016
NSWCallala BayCallala Bay Callala Beach Comberton2300FTTNQ4-2016
NSWCampsieCanterbury Earlwood2600FTTNH2-2017
NSWCarlingfordCarlingford Dundas Valley North Rocks Telopea West Pennant Hills13300HFCH1-2017
NSWCastle HillCastle Hill4000FTTP, FTTNQ3-2016
NSWCastle HillCastle Hill Cherrybrook Glenhaven West Pennant Hills18400HFCH1-2017
NSWCampbelltownAirds Ambarvale Blair Athol Blairmount Bradbury Campbelltown Claymore Eagle Vale Englorie Park Gilead Glen Alpine Kentlyn Leumeah Rosemeadow Ruse St Helens Park Woodbine11900FTTN42309
NSWCessnock-BellbirdAberdare Bellbird Bellbird Heights Cessnock Ellalong Kearsley Millfield Nulkaba Paxton10200FTTNQ1-2017
NSWChatswoodArtarmon Chatswood Chatswood West Roseville18600HFCH1-2018
NSWCharlestownAdamstown Heights Cardiff Cardiff Heights Cardiff South Charlestown Dudley Garden Suburb Gateshead Glendale Highfields Hillsborough Kahibah Kotara South Lakelands Macquarie Hills Redhead Whitebridge24200FTTNQ3-2016
NSWComoBonnet Bay Como Jannali Kareela Kirrawee Loftus Oyster Bay Sutherland18800HFCH1-2017
NSWComoWoronora Heights800FTTNH2-2017
NSWCoomaAdaminaby Town Bunyan Dairymans Mt Gladstone Nimmitabel Numeralla870Fixed Wireless42248
NSWCoomaCooma Polo Flat3500FTTNQ1-2017
NSWCoogeeClovelly Coogee Randwick South Coogee26000HFCH2-2017
NSWCorrimalAustinmer Balgownie Bellambi Bulli Coledale Corrimal East Corrimal Fairy Meadow Fernhill Mount Ousley Mount Pleasant Russell Vale Scarborough Tarrawanna Thirroul Towradgi Wombarra Woonona12500FTTN42339
NSWCorowaCorowa Rutherglen Wahgunyah4700FTTNH1-2017
NSWCoomba ParkCoomba Park600FTTNQ4-2016
NSWCremorneCremorne Cremorne Point Kurraba Point Neutral Bay14400HFCH1-2017
NSWCronullaBundeena Kurnell3600FTTNH1-2017
NSWCarramarCabramatta Cabramatta West Canley Heights Canley Vale Carramar Fairfield Fairfield East Fairfield Heights Lansdowne Lansvale Villawood24700HFCH2-2016
NSWCasinoCedar Point Doubtful Creek250Fixed WirelessQ4-2016
NSWCrescent HeadCrescent Head700FTTNH1-2017
NSWCootamundraCootamundra190Fixed Wireless42430
NSWClarence TownClarence Town500FTTNQ4-2016
NSWCulcairnTable Top350Fixed WirelessQ2-2016
NSWCity SouthDarlinghurst Sydney Woolloomooloo7400FTTNQ3-2016
NSWCity SouthDarlinghurst Woolloomooloo13400HFCH2-2017
NSWDalleyBarangaroo Dawes Point Millers Point Sydney The Rocks15700FTTNQ3-2016
NSWDalleyMillers Point The Rocks4300HFCH1-2018
NSWDubboDubbo8600FTTP, FTTN42339
NSWDarlington PointDarlington Point500FTTNH1-2017
NSWDouglas ParkDouglas Park Wilton700FTTNH2-2017
NSWDrummoyneAbbotsford Chiswick Drummoyne Five Dock Rodd Point Russell Lea Wareemba16700HFCH2-2017
NSWDuralAnnangrove Arcadia North Dural East Galston Galston East Glenhaven Glenorie Glenorie South Kenthust Kenthust West Middle Dural Nelson Riverstone2490Fixed WirelessQ4-2016
NSWDuralDural Galston Middle Dural2700FTTNH2-2017
NSWEastCentennial Park Darlinghurst Elizabeth Bay Moore Park Paddington Potts Point Rushcutters Bay Woolloomooloo23900HFCH2-2017
NSWEdgecliffBellevue Hill Darling Point Double Bay Edgecliff Paddington Point Piper Woollahra17200HFCH1-2017
NSWEngadineEngadine Heathcote Yarrawarrah9200HFCH2-2017
NSWEppingCheltenham Epping Marsfield North Epping14600HFCH1-2018
NSWErinaErina Erina Heights Holgate Matcham Springfield5500FTTN42430
NSWEdensor ParkAbbotsbury Bonnyrigg Bonnyrigg Heights Bossley Park Cabramatta West Edensor Park Greenfield Park Horsley Park Mount Pritchard St Johns Park17100HFCH2-2016
NSWEdensor ParkCecil Hills Cecil Park Horsley Park Kemps Creek Mount Vernon3300FTTNH2-2017
NSWEvans HeadDoonbah Evans Head1800FTTNH2-2017
NSWSt MarysClaremont Meadows Colyton Erskine Park Oxley Park St Clair St Marys17700HFCH2-2016
NSWSt MarysSt Marys500FTTNH2-2017
NSWFinleyBerrigan North Finley East600Fixed Wireless42401
NSWForster-TuncurryForster Green Point Tuncurry13700FTTNQ3-2016
NSWFrenchs ForestBelrose500FTTNH2-2017
NSWGlebeAnnandale Forest Lodge Glebe Pyrmont Ultimo21600HFCH1-2018
NSWGundagaiGundagai South Gundagai1100FTTNQ3-2016
NSWGerringongGerringong Gerroa Werri Beach2600FTTN42309
NSWGriffithGriffith Yoogali8700FTTNQ3-2016
NSWGoulburnGoulburn Run-o-Waters10700FTTN42339
NSWGlen InnesGlen Innes2800FTTNH2-2017
NSWGosfordEast Gosford Gosford Kariong Koolewong Mount Elliot Narara North Gosford Point Clare Point Frederick Somersby Springfield Tascott West Gosford Wyoming2500FTTNQ2-2016
NSWGranvilleClyde Holroyd2200FTTNH2-2017
NSWGreenwell PointCulburra Beach Greenwell Point Orient Point3300FTTNH2-2017
NSWGraftonKangaroo Creek130Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
NSWGraftonClarenza Grafton Junction Hill South Grafton Waterview Heights9500FTTNQ1-2017
NSWGuildfordGuildford Guildford West Merrylands West Old Guildford South Granville Woodpark Yennora15100HFCH2-2016
NSWGulgongEurunderee Kains Flat510Fixed WirelessQ2-2016
NSWGuyraGuyra South Guyra900FTTNH2-2017
NSWHastings PointBogangar Cudgera Creek Hastings Point Pottsville5100FTTNQ3-2016
NSWHarringtonCoopernook Hannam Vale Mitchells Island Moorland South960Fixed WirelessQ2-2016
NSWNorth Arm CoveBundabah Karuah North Arm Cove1500FTTNH2-2017
NSWHayHay Hay South1400FTTNQ3-2016
NSWHarbordAllambie Heights Brookvale Curl Curl Freshwater North Curl Curl North Manly Queenscliff11100HFCH1-2017
NSWHolsworthyPleasure Point Voyager Point600FTTNH2-2017
NSWHaymarketHaymarket Surry Hills13400HFCH2-2017
NSWHaymarketChippendale Darlington Haymarket Surry Hills Ultimo9000FTTNH2-2017
NSWHomebushBelfield Strathfield South2700HFCH1-2017
NSWHomebushHomebush Homebush West Rookwood Strathfield2100FTTNH2-2017
NSWHornsbyAsquith Hornsby Hornsby Heights Mount Colah Waitara15900HFCH1-2018
NSWHardenHarden Murrumburrah1000FTTNH1-2017
NSWHunters HillGladesville Hunters Hill Lane Cove Lane Cove North Lane Cove West Linley Point Longueville Northwood Riverview Tennyson Point18800HFCH2-2016
NSWHunters HillHenley Hunters Hill Huntleys Cove Huntleys Point Woolwich3800FTTNQ1-2017
NSWHurstvilleBeverly Hills Hurstville Hurstville Grove Mortdale Oatley Penshurst25300HFCH2-2018
NSWMintoBow Bowing Denham Court Minto Minto Heights St Andrews8300FTTNH1-2017
NSWMintoEagle Vale Eschol Park Glenfield Ingleburn Kearns Long Point Macquarie Fields Raby15900HFCH1-2017
NSWJindabyneJindabyne East Jindabyne North Jindabyne South680Fixed Wireless42248
NSWKingscliffCrabbes Creek Pottsville Beach340Fixed Wireless42278
NSWKingscliffCasuarina Chinderah Cudgen Kingscliff7400FTTNH2-2017
NSWKellyvilleBella Vista Glenwood Kellyville Kellyville Ridge Stanhope Gardens The Ponds17700FTTN42370
NSWKillaraEast Killara East Lindfield Gordon Killara Lindfield Roseville West Pymble15600HFCH2-2017
NSWKempseyAldavilla East Kempsey Greenhill Kempsey South Kempsey West Kempsey Yarravel4800FTTNQ3-2016
NSWKempseyKempsey170Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
NSWKandosKandos Rylstone1300FTTNQ4-2016
NSWKensingtonDaceyville Eastlakes Kensington Kingsford Zetland15200HFCH1-2018
NSWKogarahBardwell Park Beverly Hills Bexley North Dolls Point Kingsgrove Ramsgate Beach Sandringham Sans Souci13000HFCH2-2016
NSWKogarahDolls Point500FTTNH2-2017
NSWKooringalBourkelands Kooringal Lake Albert Springvale Tatton Tolland6600FTTNH2-2017
NSWKurri KurriAbermain Cliftleigh Heddon Greta Kurri Kurri Neath Pelaw Main Stanford Merthyr Weston6600FTTNH2-2017
NSWKatoombaBullaburra Katoomba Lawson Leura Medlow Bath Wentworth Falls14600FTTN42309
NSWKyogleKunghur Stony Chute250Fixed WirelessQ4-2016
NSWKyogleGeneva Kyogle1500FTTNH1-2018
NSWLakembaMount Lewis5700HFCH1-2017
NSWLakembaBelmore Greenacre Lakemba Punchbowl Roselands Wiley Park900FTTNH2-2017
NSWLavingtonGlenroy Hamilton Valley Lavington North Albury Springdale Heights Thurgoona Wirlinga14100FTTNQ4-2016
NSWLake CargelligoLake Cargelligo600FTTNQ1-2017
NSWLake CathieBonny Hills Lake Cathie2600FTTNH2-2017
NSWLismoreCaniaba North Coffee Camp Eltham Georgica Lismore Industrial Modanville Rock Valley Tullera South1130Fixed Wireless42401
NSWLismoreBexhill Chilcotts Grass East Lismore Girards Hill Goonellabah Lismore Lismore Heights Loftville North Lismore Richmond Hill South Lismore15300FTTNQ1-2017
NSWLightning RidgeLightning Ridge800FTTNQ1-2017
NSWLiverpoolCasula Moorebank Warwick Farm7000HFCH1-2017
NSWLiverpoolChipping Norton Liverpool Mount Pritchard3900FTTNH2-2017
NSWLithgowBowenfels Hermitage Flat Lithgow Littleton Marrangaroo McKellars Park Morts Estate Oaky Park South Bowenfels South Littleton Vale Of Clwydd6000FTTNH2-2017
NSWMacksvilleGumma160Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
NSWMacksvilleBowraville Hyland Park Macksville Nambucca Heads North Macksville Scotts Head Valla Beach7500FTTNQ1-2017
NSWMaitlandBrandy Hill Buchanan Clarence Town Clarence Town South Dunns Creek Ellalong Glen Oak Gresford South Hexham Hinton South Kitchener Lenaghan Martins Creek Millfield Mount View Mulbring Paterson Raymond Terrace Sawyers Gully Seaham Telarah Wallalong Woodville South5760Fixed Wireless42278
NSWMaitlandAberglasslyn Ashtonfield Bolwarra Bolwarra Heights East Maitland Gillieston Heights Horseshoe Bend Largs Lorn Louth Park Maitland Metford Mindaribba Morpeth Oakhampton Pitnacree Raworth Rutherford South Maitland Telarah Tenambit Windella12600FTTN42278
NSWMatravilleChifley Hillsdale La Perouse Little Bay Malabar Matraville Phillip Bay10900HFCH2-2017
NSWMacleanMororo Palmers Island480Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
NSWMacleanGulmarrad Maclean Townsend2400FTTNH1-2018
NSWMedowieLemon Tree Passage Mallabula Medowie Salt Ash Tanilba Bay6700FTTNH2-2017
NSWMenaiAlfords Point Illawong Menai3700HFCH2-2018
NSWMerimbulaBald Hills Broadwater Nethercote430Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
NSWMerimbulaBerrambool Merimbula Pambula Pambula Beach South Pambula Tura Beach6100FTTNH1-2017
NSWMulgoaSilverdale Wallacia Warragamba2600FTTNQ3-2016
NSWMulgoaKemps Creek North Luddenham Mulgoa Mulgoa North Orchard Hills Wallacia1280Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
NSWMillerEdmondson Park Elizabeth Hills Horningsea Park Hoxton Park Middleton Grange Prestons West Hoxton9800FTTNQ1-2017
NSWMillerAshcroft Busby Cartwright Green Valley Heckenberg Hinchinbrook Lurnea Miller Sadleir14000HFCH2-2017
NSWMirandaCaringbah Caringbah South Dolans Bay Grays Point Gymea Gymea Bay Kangaroo Point Lilli Pilli Miranda Port Hacking Sylvania Sylvania Waters Taren Point Yowie Bay29400HFCH2-2016
NSWMirandaTaren Point1500FTTNH2-2017
NSWMona ValeBayview Elanora Heights Mona Vale Narrabeen Newport North Narrabeen Warriewood15800HFCH2-2016
NSWMona ValeChurch Point Great Mackerel Beach Ingleside Scotland Island Warriewood4100FTTNQ1-2017
NSWMarsden ParkBerkshire Park Windsor Downs1300FTTNH1-2018
NSWMarulanMarulan Tallong Wingello800Fixed WirelessQ4-2016
NSWMossey PointBroulee Malua Bay Mossy Point Tomakin3600FTTNH2-2017
NSWMoss ValeBerrima Bowral Bundanoon Burradoo East Bowral Moss Vale New Berrima12500FTTN42309
NSWMittagongAylmerton Balaclava Braemar Colo Vale Hill Top Mittagong Welby Willow Vale Yerrinbool6000FTTN42370
NSWMittagongBerrima Bundanoon North Burrawang Exeter Moss Vale1500Fixed Wireless42430
NSWMullumbimbyEureka East Main Arm Possum Creek530Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
NSWMullumbimbyBillinudgel Brunswick Heads Mullumbimby Mullumbimby Creek New Brighton Ocean Shores South Golden Beach5500FTTNH1-2018
NSWMuswellbrookAberdeen Muswellbrook6400FTTNQ1-2017
NSWBlackheathBlackheath Mount Victoria3800FTTNQ2-2016
NSWMurwillumbahMurwillumbah West180Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
NSWMurwillumbahBray Park Condong Dunbible Kielvale Murwillumbah South Murwillumbah4700FTTNQ4-2016
NSWMoruyaBeashel Hill Bergalia Village Bodalla Potato Head810Fixed WirelessQ2-2016
NSWMoruyaMoruya Moruya Heads2200FTTNH1-2017
NSWMayfieldCallaghan Georgetown Jesmond Mayfield Mayfield East Mayfield West North Lambton Sandgate Warabrook Waratah Waratah West5400FTTNQ3-2016
NSWNararaFountaindale Kangy Angy Lisarow Mount Elliot Narara Niagara Park Ourimbah Wyoming9000FTTN42339
NSWDiamond BeachBlack Head Diamond Beach Failford Hallidays Point Nabiac Red Head Tallwoods Village2800FTTNQ4-2016
NSWNords WharfCatherine Hill Bay Caves Beach Gwandalan Nords Wharf Summerland Point Swansea Swansea Heads8100FTTNH2-2017
NSWNewtownCamperdown Enmore Erskineville Newtown St Peters Stanmore Sydenham Alexandria1200FTTNH2-2017
NSWNewtownCamperdown Enmore Erskineville Newtown St Peters Stanmore Sydenham Alexandria2600HFCH1-2018
NSWNelson BayAnna Bay Boat Harbour Corlette Fingal Bay Fishermans Bay Nelson Bay One Mile Salamander Bay Shoal Bay Soldiers Point Taylors Beach17900FTTN42339
NSWNew LambtonAdamstown Adamstown Heights Birmingham Gardens Elermore Vale Fletcher Jesmond Kotara Lambton Maryland New Lambton New Lambton Heights Rankin Park Shortland Wallsend28500FTTNQ2-2016
NSWElderslieCamden Camden Park Camden South Elderslie Ellis Lane Grasmere6000FTTNQ3-2016
NSWElderslieBelimbla Park South Cawdor West Cobbitty Glenmore West Lakesland Mount Hunter Mowbray Park Oakdale The Oaks Theresa Park West Werombi Werombi East1730Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
NSWNaroomaDalmeny Kianga Narooma North Narooma3700FTTNH1-2017
NSWNarellanCobbitty Currans Hill Elderslie Gregory Hills Harrington Park Kirkham Menangle Park Mount Annan Narellan Narellan Vale Smeaton Grange Spring Farm15700FTTNQ2-2016
NSWNorth SydneyNorth Sydney2900FTTNQ4-2016
NSWNowra-BomaderryCoolangatta Jamberoo Moeyan Hill Mount Brown Tapitallee1240Fixed Wireless42309
NSWNowra-BomaderryBangalee Bomaderry Cambewarra Village North Nowra Nowra South Nowra Tapitallee Terara West Nowra Worrigee4000FTTNQ2-2016
NSWThe OaksBelimbla Park Oakdale The Oaks1100FTTN42430
NSWOld BarKoorainghat Old Bar Wallabi Point2500FTTNQ3-2016
NSWOrchard HillKingswood Orchard Hills1600HFCH2-2016
NSWOrchard HillGlenmore Park Jamisontown Kingswood Mulgoa Regentville South Penrith11200FTTNH1-2018
NSWOrangeMillthorpe260Fixed Wireless42248
NSWPeakhurstLugarno Narwee Peakhurst Peakhurst Heights Riverwood13000HFCH1-2017
NSWPendle HillConstitution Hill Girraween Greystanes Old Toongabbie Pendle Hill South Wentworthville Toongabbie Wentworthville23900HFCH2-2017
NSWPendle HillPemulwuy2700FTTNH1-2018
NSWPetershamDulwich Hill Leichhardt Lewisham Marrickville Petersham Stanmore24100HFCH2-2018
NSWPitt TownCattai Cattai East Ebenezer Freemans Reach Maraylya Maroota South Oakville Pitt Town Sackville Sackville East Sackville North Scheyville Vineyard Wilberforce North2610Fixed WirelessQ4-2016
NSWPitt TownMcGraths Hill Pitt Town Vineyard2000FTTNH2-2017
NSWPort KemblaBerkeley Cordeaux Heights Cringila Farmborough Heights Figtree Lake Heights Mount Kembla Port Kembla Primbee Unanderra Warrawong Windang23100FTTN42401
NSWPeak HillPeak Hill500FTTNQ4-2016
NSWParkesParkes South320Fixed Wireless42248
NSWPennant HillsBeecroft Cherrybrook Pennant Hills Thornleigh West Pennant Hills Westleigh14700HFCH1-2017
NSWPenrithCambridge Gardens Cambridge Park Cranebrook Jamisontown Kingswood Penrith South Penrith Werrington Downs2000FTTP42248
NSWPenrithCastlereagh Castlereagh North Cranebrook North Llandilo Londonderry Londonderry South Yarramundi Yarramundi South2170Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
NSWPort MacquarieFernbank Creek North Shore Port Macquarie Riverside24000FTTNQ4-2016
NSWPymbleNorth Turramurra Pymble South Turramurra St Ives St Ives Chase Turramurra Warrawee West Pymble17400HFCH2-2017
NSWQuakers HillAcacia Gardens Dean Park Kings Park Marayong Parklea Quakers Hill Woodcroft14200HFCH2-2016
NSWQuakers HillAcacia Gardens Kings Park Parklea Stanhope Gardens5500FTTNH1-2017
NSWRamsgateAllawah Blakehurst Carss Park Connells Point Kogarah Bay Kyle Bay Ramsgate Sans Souci South Hurstville11000HFCH2-2016
NSWRichmondAgnes Banks Bligh Park Clarendon Hobartville Londonderry Richmond South Windsor Windsor100FTTN42278
NSWEastwoodDundas Dundas Valley Ermington Rydalmere Telopea7100HFCH1-2018
NSWEastwoodRydalmere700FTTP, FTTNH1-2018
NSWRedfernAlexandria Eveleigh Redfern Surry Hills Waterloo800FTTNH2-2017
NSWRockdaleArncliffe Banksia Bardwell Valley Bexley Brighton-le-Sands Eastlakes Kyeemagh Mascot Rockdale Turrella Wolli Creek28800HFCH2-2016
NSWRose BayBellevue Hill Bondi Beach Dover Heights North Bondi Rose Bay Vaucluse Watsons Bay20500HFCH1-2017
NSWRooty HillDharruk Eastern Creek Emerton Glendenning Hebersham Minchinbury Mount Druitt Oakhurst Plumpton Rooty Hill Whalan20800HFCH2-2016
NSWRouse HillBeaumont Hills Rouse Hill5100FTTN42430
NSWRaymond TerraceFerodale Heatherbrae Raymond Terrace Tomago6100FTTNQ3-2016
NSWRydeDenistone Denistone East East Ryde Macquarie Park Marsfield Meadowbank North Ryde Putney Ryde West Ryde23100HFCH1-2018
NSWSt Georges Basin-Sanctuary PointBream Beach Erowal Bay Huskisson Old Erowal Bay Sanctuary Point St Georges Basin Vincentia Worrowing Heights10200FTTNH1-2017
NSWSeftonBass Hill Georges Hall Lansdowne Villawood4800HFCH2-2016
NSWSeftonBirrong Chester Hill Georges Hall Lansdowne Potts Hill Regents Park Sefton Villawood Yagoona Bass Hill800FTTNH2-2017
NSWSeven HillsKings Langley Lalor Park Seven Hills Winston Hills11300HFCH1-2017
NSWSeven HillsSeven Hills800FTTNH2-2017
NSWShalveyRopes Crossing2200FTTNH2-2017
NSWShalveyBidwill Blackett Emerton Hassall Grove Hebersham Lethbridge Park North St Marys Oakhurst Shalvey Tregear Werrington Werrington County Willmot14000HFCH1-2018
NSWShell HarbourBarrack Heights Barrack Point Blackbutt Flinders Lake Illawarra Mount Warrigal Shell Cove Shellharbour Shellharbour City Centre Warilla15600FTTN42401
NSWShoalhaven HeadsShoalhaven Heads1700FTTNH2-2017
NSWSilverwaterBreakfast Point Liberty Grove Newington Rhodes Silverwater Sydney Olympic Park Wentworth Point9500FTTNH1-2017
NSWSingletonBulga Elderslie Mt Thorley North Glendon Brook Rothbury Singleton Winders Hill1070Fixed Wireless42370
NSWSingletonDarlington Glenridding Hunterview McDougalls Hill Singleton Singleton Heights Wattle Ponds6500FTTNQ4-2016
NSWSmiths LakeBoomerang Beach Elizabeth Beach Smiths Lake Tarbuck Bay2100FTTNQ4-2016
NSWSydney SpringwoodEmu Heights Emu Plains Leonay3800HFCH2-2016
NSWSydney SpringwoodBlaxland Blue Mountains National Park Faulconbridge Glenbrook Hawkesbury Heights Hazelbrook Lapstone Leonay Linden Mount Riverview Springwood Valley Heights Warrimoo Winmalee Woodford Yellow Rock19800FTTNH2-2017
NSWSt LeonardsArtarmon1200FTTNQ3-2016
NSWSt LeonardsCrows Nest Greenwich Naremburn St Leonards Wollstonecraft13500HFCH1-2017
NSWSussex InletSussex Inlet Tomerong Wandandian520Fixed Wireless42309
NSWSussex InletBerrara Cudmirrah Sussex Inlet3100FTTNQ3-2016
NSWSouth West RocksArakoon South West Rocks3200FTTNH1-2017
NSWTahmoorBargo Buxton Couridjah Picton Tahmoor Thirlmere Yanderra7300FTTNQ3-2016
NSWTahmoorBalmoral West Bargo Bargo North Buxton East Cawdor Couridjah Douglas Park Hill Top South Menangle Pheasants Nest Razorback Razorback North Tahmoor East Wedderburn South1730Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
NSWTamworthCalala East Tamworth Hillvue Kingswood Moore Creek Nemingha North Tamworth Oxley Vale South Tamworth Taminda Tamworth West Tamworth Westdale19100FTTNQ1-2017
NSWTarroBeresfield Chisholm Hexham Tarro Thornton Woodberry6600FTTNQ4-2016
NSWTareeBurrell Creek South Hillville North Mount George360Fixed WirelessQ4-2016
NSWTerranoraGlengarrie West Tomewin Uki North590Fixed WirelessQ2-2016
NSWTerranoraBilambil Heights Terranora Tweed Heads West3900FTTNQ1-2017
NSWTerrigalAvoca Beach Bouddi Copacabana Kincumber Kincumber South Macmasters Beach North Avoca Picketts Valley Terrigal Wamberal11400FTTN42278
NSWTea GardensHawks Nest Pindimar Tea Gardens4100FTTNH2-2017
NSWTorontoArcadia Vale Awaba Balmoral Blackalls Park Bolton Point Buttaba Carey Bay Coal Point Fassifern Fennell Bay Fishing Point Kilaben Bay Marmong Point Rathmines Toronto Wangi Wangi Woodrising12900FTTNH2-2017
NSWTenterfieldOld Bonalbo Sandilands East Tabulam Urbenville440Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
NSWTuross HeadsTuross Head1900FTTNH2-2017
NSWTumutGundagai Tumut390Fixed Wireless42401
NSWTweed HeadsBanora Point Bilinga Coolangatta Fingal Head Tweed Heads Tweed Heads South Tweed Heads West21900FTTNQ2-2016
NSWUlladullaBawley Point Conjola Termeil Ulladulla1190Fixed Wireless42278
NSWUlladullaBurrill Lake Dolphin Point Kings Point Milton Mollymook Mollymook Beach Narrawallee Ulladulla9200FTTNQ4-2016
NSWUndercliffDulwich Hill Earlwood Hurlstone Park Marrickville Tempe13900HFCH1-2018
NSWUrungaMylestom Raleigh Repton Urunga1900FTTNQ1-2017
NSWKurrajongBilpin Blaxlands Ridges East Blaxlands Ridges South Blaxlands Ridges West Kurmond Kurmond East Kurrajong East Kurrajong Heights Kurrajong Hills Sackville West Tennyson1660Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
NSWKurrajongBowen Mountain Grose Vale Kurmond Kurrajong Kurrajong Heights North Richmond The Slopes4200FTTNH2-2017
NSWWardellBroadwater Wardell600FTTNH1-2018
NSWWagga WaggaAshmont Boorooma Charles Sturt University East Wagga Wagga Estella Forest Hill Glenfield Park Gobbagombalin Gumly Gumly Kooringal Lloyd Moorong Mount Austin North Wagga Wagga Tolland Turvey Park Wagga Wagga17600FTTP, FTTN42401
NSWWallerawangLidsdale Wallerawang900FTTNH2-2017
NSWWauchopeLake Innes130Fixed WirelessQ4-2016
NSWWauchopeBeechwood Crosslands King Creek Rosewood Wauchope3800FTTNQ4-2016
NSWWoodburnUralba220Fixed WirelessQ2-2016
NSWWellingtonMontefiores Wellington2600FTTN42248
NSWWetherill ParkPrairiewood Wetherill Park4700FTTNQ4-2016
NSWWetherill ParkCabramatta West Fairfield West Prairiewood Smithfield Wakeley Wetherill Park12100HFCH1-2017
NSWWilberforceFreemans Reach Glossodia Wilberforce2300FTTNH1-2017
NSWWoolgoolgaBarcoongere Minnie Water370Fixed Wireless42401
NSWWoolgoolgaArrawarra Arrawarra Headland Corindi Beach Emerald Beach Moonee Beach Mullaway Safety Beach Sandy Beach Woolgoolga6700FTTNH1-2017
NSWNorthbridgeCastle Cove Middle Cove North Willoughby Roseville Roseville Chase4600HFCH2-2017
NSWWollongongConiston Gwynneville Keiraville Mangerton Mount Keira Mount Ousley Mount Saint Thomas North Wollongong West Wollongong Wollongong5300FTTN42278
NSWWilliamtownFern Bay Fullerton Cove Kooragang Stockton2700FTTNQ4-2016
NSWWilliamtownAnna Bay Fullerton Cove Salt Ash Swan Bay820Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
NSWWahroongaNormanhurst North Wahroonga Wahroonga Waitara Warrawee10000HFCH1-2018
NSWWarrenRavenswood Warren900FTTNQ1-2017
NSWWerris CreekWerris Creek700FTTNH2-2017
NSWWee WaaWee Waa900FTTNH2-2017
NSWWest WyalongWest Wyalong Wyalong1700FTTNQ4-2016
NSWWyongMardi Rocky Point Tacoma Tacoma South Tuggerah Wadalba Watanobbi Wyong8300FTTN42309
NSWWyongCooranbong Dooralong Eraring Jilliby Kulnura Mandalong Mangrove Mountain Mooney Mooney Mount White Somersby Tangy Dangy Wallarah Wyee Wyong2190Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
NSWYassBinalong Mt Bowning Mt Manton820Fixed Wireless42248
NSWYassYass2600FTTP, FTTNQ3-2016
NSWYambaAngourie Freeburn Island Iluka Wooloweyah Yamba5400FTTNH1-2018
NTAlice SpringsAlice Springs Araluen Arumbera Braitling Ciccone Desert Springs East Side Flynn Gillen Larapinta Mount Johns Ross Sadadeen Stuart The Gap10000FTTN42309
NTTennant CreekTennant Creek1300FTTN42309
QLDAcacia RidgeCoopers Plains Robertson Stretton Sunnybank Sunnybank Hills11900HFCH2-2016
QLDAcacia RidgeAlgester Calamvale Drewvale Parkinson Runcorn Sunnybank Hills Willawong3300FTTNH2-2017
QLDAlbany CreekAlbany Creek Eatons Hill5600HFCH1-2016
QLDAlbany CreekClear Mountain Eatons Hill3300FTTNH1-2017
QLDAlbionAlbion Alderley Clayfield Gordon Park Grange Kedron Lutwyche Newmarket Stafford Wilston Windsor Wooloowin30700HFCH2-2016
QLDAshgroveAshgrove Bardon Mount Coot-tha The Gap14400HFCH1-2016
QLDAgnes WaterAgnes Water South Agnes Water West550Fixed WirelessQ2-2016
QLDAgnes WaterAgnes Water1200FTTNH2-2017
QLDAirlie BeachAirlie Beach Cannonvale Jubilee Pocket Mandalay6400FTTN42248
QLDAirlie BeachCannon Valley Woodwark East610Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
QLDAlice RiverAlice River Rangewood1100FTTNQ2-2016
QLDClevelandAlexandra Hills Birkdale Cleveland Ormiston Thorneside Wellington Point19700HFCH1-2017
QLDClevelandThornlands Wellington Point5100FTTNH2-2017
QLDAspleyCarseldine Geebung3100HFCH2-2016
QLDAspleyAspley Boondall Bridgeman Downs Carseldine Fitzgibbon Geebung Taigum Virginia Zillmere3400FTTP, FTTNH2-2017
QLDArundelArundel Parkwood9200HFCH2-2016
QLDAshmoreAshmore Benowa Bundall Molendinar Nerang16500HFCH1-2017
QLDAshmoreBundall Gaven Molendinar6000FTTNH2-2017
QLDAthertonBarrine Lake Eacham Malanda590Fixed Wireless42248
QLDAthertonAtherton Tolga Yungaburra5300FTTN42430
QLDAvocaAvoca Branyan Millbank3900FTTNH1-2018
QLDAyrAyr Home Hill7100FTTN42339
QLDBundabergBranyan Coonarr Elliott Heads Gin Gin Central Kensington Qunaba South Kolan Wallaville2440Fixed Wireless42248
QLDBells BridgeBells Bridge Curra Central Curra South Curra West870Fixed WirelessQ4-2016
QLDBundambaBlackstone Booval Collingwood Park North Booval Silkstone6200HFCH2-2016
QLDBundambaBundamba Collingwood Park Dinmore Ebbw Vale New Chum North Booval Riverview900FTTNH1-2018
QLDBeaudesertBeaudesert Gleneagle Veresdale Scrub3800FTTNQ2-2016
QLDBeaudesertBarney View South Boyland Cainbable Canungra Canungra South Lamington North Mount Tamborine730Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
QLDBeenleighBahrs Scrub Bannockburn Belivah Holmview Stapylton Windaroo Yatala5700FTTNQ4-2016
QLDBeenleighBeenleigh Eagleby Mount Warren Park10400HFCH1-2018
QLDBiloelaBanana Biloela Mt Benn Thangool Theodore860Fixed Wireless42248
QLDBrookfieldBrookfield Kenmore Hills Pullenvale1800FTTNQ4-2016
QLDBlackbuttTaromeo South190Fixed WirelessQ4-2016
QLDBald HillsBracken Ridge Brighton Deagon Sandgate Shorncliffe Bald Hills1400FTTNH2-2017
QLDBald HillsBald Hills Bracken Ridge Brighton Deagon Sandgate Shorncliffe15900HFCH2-2017
QLDBli BliBli Bli Diddillibah Kiels Mountain Marcoola Mudjimba Pacific Paradise Twin Waters7800FTTNH1-2017
QLDBrowns PlainsDrewvale Forestdale Larapinta3800FTTNQ1-2017
QLDBrowns PlainsBoronia Heights Browns Plains Forestdale Hillcrest Regents Park10200HFCH1-2017
QLDBoonahObum Obum110Fixed WirelessH1-2017
QLDBoonahBoonah Dugandan1400FTTNH1-2018
QLDBoyne IslandBenaraby Boyne Island Tannum Sands Wurdong Heights4100FTTNH1-2017
QLDBrassallMoores Pocket North Ipswich Tivoli4200HFCH2-2016
QLDBrassallBorallon Chuwar West Harrisville Ironbark East Karrabin Kholo South Limestone Ridges Peak Crossing Peak Crossing North Purga1510Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
QLDBrassallBrassall Pine Mountain2500FTTNQ1-2017
QLDBeerwahBeerwah and surrounds1940Fixed Wireless42430
QLDBeerwahBeerwah Glass House Mountains3700FTTNH2-2017
QLDBucasiaBeaconsfield Blacks Beach Bucasia Dolphin Heads Eimeo Richmond Rural View Shoal Point8400FTTNQ3-2016
QLDBuderimBuderim Forest Glen Kuluin Kunda Park Mons Palmwoods Sippy Downs Tanawha18700FTTNQ2-2016
QLDBurrum HeadsBurrum Heads1200FTTNH1-2018
QLDBurleigh HeadsBurleigh Heads Burleigh Waters Miami Palm Beach19300HFCH2-2016
QLDBurleigh HeadsBurleigh Waters Miami Palm Beach Varsity Lakes Burleigh Heads3800FTTNH2-2017
QLDSunshine Coast CaloundraAroona Battery Hill Bells Creek Caloundra Caloundra West Currimundi Dicky Beach Golden Beach Kings Beach Little Mountain Meridan Plains Moffat Beach Pelican Waters Shelly Beach24800FTTNH1-2018
QLDCambooyaCambooya Wyreema1000FTTNQ4-2016
QLDCanungraBoyland Canungra Wonglepong800FTTNH2-2017
QLDChermsideChermside Chermside West Everton Hills Kedron McDowall Stafford Heights16700HFCH1-2017
QLDChermsideChermside West McDowall3600FTTNH2-2017
QLDCharlotteBrisbane City Herston Kelvin Grove Milton Paddington Petrie Terrace Red Hill Spring Hill19600HFCH1-2016
QLDCharlotteBrisbane City Milton14000FTTNH2-2018
QLDChapel HillChapel Hill Fig Tree Pocket Indooroopilly Kenmore Kenmore Hills13100HFCH1-2017
QLDChapel HillPinjarra Hills Pullenvale500FTTNH2-2017
QLDCooktownCooktown Cooktown West290Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
QLDCoolum BeachCoolum Beach Marcoola Marcus Beach Mount Coolum Peregian Beach Peregian Springs Point Arkwright Yandina Creek Yaroomba15000FTTNQ3-2016
QLDCalliopeBuilyan Elizabeth Peak Hellens River Ranch Taragoola460Fixed WirelessQ2-2016
QLDCrows NestCrows Nest800FTTNH2-2017
QLDCollinsvilleCollinsville Scottville1400FTTNQ2-2016
QLDCapalabaBurbank Capalaba Chandler Gumdale Ransome3500FTTNH1-2018
QLDCamp HillCarindale600FTTNH1-2018
QLDCamp HillCamp Hill Carina Carina Heights Carindale Seven Hills16100HFCH1-2018
QLDCharters TowersCharters Towers South240Fixed Wireless42430
QLDCharters TowersAlabama Hill Grand Secret Lissner Millchester Mosman Park Queenton Richmond Hill Toll Towers Hill3700FTTNQ2-2016
QLDCurrumbinCurrumbin Waters1700FTTNH1-2017
QLDCurrumbinBonogin South Gwinganna South Piggabeen590Fixed WirelessH1-2018
QLDCurrumbinBilinga Currumbin Currumbin Waters Elanora Palm Beach Tugun11300HFCH1-2018
QLDDeeragunBlack River Burdell Bushland Beach Deeragun Jensen Mount Low Yabulu7100FTTP, FTTN42278
QLDDarraJamboree Heights Jindalee Middle Park Mount Ommaney Riverhills Sinnamon Park Westlake8500HFCH1-2016
QLDDarraDarra Oxley Richlands Riverhills Seventeen Mile Rocks Sinnamon Park Sumner8100FTTNQ4-2016
QLDDayboroDayboro King Scrub1000FTTN42339
QLDDayboroDayboro Central Kobble Creek West Mount Mee Ocean View Ocean View North Samsonvale760Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
QLDDysartDysart Mackenzie River1500FTTNQ4-2016
QLDEdge HillAeroglen Bayview Heights Brinsmead Earlville Edge Hill Kanimbla Manoora Manunda Mooroobool Whitfield Woree16300FTTN42278
QLDEdmontonBentley Park Edmonton Mount Sheridan White Rock12000FTTN42309
QLDEight MileEight Mile Plains Kuraby Rochedale South Underwood12400HFCH1-2017
QLDEight MileBurbank Kuraby Priestdale Rochedale Underwood4600FTTNH1-2017
QLDEmu ParkEmu Park Kinka Beach Mulambin Zilzie3100FTTNQ4-2016
QLDFerny HillsArana Hills Enoggera Everton Hills Everton Park Ferny Grove Ferny Hills Gaythorne Keperra Mitchelton Upper Kedron21800HFCH1-2016
QLDFerny HillsBunya Everton Hills Upper Kedron2200FTTNH2-2017
QLDFlaxtonFlaxton Mapleton1100FTTNH1-2018
QLDFreshwaterBrinsmead Freshwater Holloways Beach Kamerunga Machans Beach Redlynch Stratford8000FTTNQ3-2016
QLDFrenchvilleBerserker Frenchville Kawana Koongal Lakes Creek Limestone Creek Nerimbera Norman Gardens Park Avenue14900FTTN42430
QLDCoominyaFernvale Lowood2800FTTNQ2-2016
QLDCoominyaChurchable Coominya Fairney View West Lockyer Waters Lowood Mt Tarampa Wivenhoe Pocket1370Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
QLDGattonBrightview Forest Hill Glenore Grove Hatton Vale Kensington Grove Laidley Laidley Heights Lockrose Plainland Regency Downs Summerholm6400FTTNQ2-2016
QLDGladstoneBeecher Benaraby Bororen Burua Iveragh Miriam Vale Mount Larcom Mount Maurice Turkey Beach West Gladstone1230Fixed Wireless42309
QLDGladstoneBarney Point Byellee Callemondah Clinton Gladstone Central Glen Eden Kin Kora Kirkwood New Auckland South Gladstone Sun Valley Telina Toolooa West Gladstone16400FTTNH2-2017
QLDGordonvaleGoldsborough Gordonvale2800FTTNQ2-2016
QLDGreenbankGreenbank Munruben New Beith North Maclean Park Ridge South5200FTTNQ1-2017
QLDGatton WestGatton Placid Hills3300FTTNQ4-2016
QLDGympieAmamoor Canina Cedar Pocket Chatsworth East Cooroibah David Cootharaba Glastonbury Glenwood Central Glenwood North Glenwood South Glenwood West Goomboorian Goomboorian North Greens Creek South Kandanga Kybong North Lower Wonga East Schreibers The Palms Tuchekoi Widgee3960Fixed Wireless42248
QLDHelidonGrantham Helidon600FTTNQ1-2017
QLDHighfieldsBlue Mountain Heights Highfields Kleinton Meringandan Meringandan West4200FTTNQ1-2017
QLDHerbertonHerberton Herberton South Wondecla310Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
QLDHowardWalligan230Fixed Wireless42248
QLDHalf Tide BeachHay Point700FTTN42430
QLDInalaDoolandella Ellen Grove Forest Lake Heathwood Pallara Richlands Willawong9100FTTNQ3-2016
QLDInalaDurack Forest Lake Inala10200HFCH1-2018
QLDInghamTaylor Beach210Fixed Wireless42248
QLDInnisfailCowley Kurrimine Beach South Mount Myrtle530Fixed Wireless42370
QLDInnisfailBelvedere Coconuts Cullinane East Innisfail Flying Fish Point Goondi Bend Goondi Hill Hudson Innisfail Innisfail Estate Mighell Mourilyan South Innisfail South Johnstone Wangan Webb5400FTTNQ3-2016
QLDIpswichBasin Pocket East Ipswich Eastern Heights Leichhardt Newtown Wulkuraka8000HFCH2-2016
QLDIpswichAmberley Churchill Coalfalls Deebing Heights Flinders View Ipswich One Mile Sadliers Crossing South Ripley West Ipswich Willowbank Woodend Yamanto3100FTTNH1-2018
QLDJimboombaCedar Grove Cedar Vale Jimboomba Mundoolun South Maclean5200FTTN42401
QLDJimboombaAllenview Cedar Vale Jimboomba Jimboomba East Jimboomba North Jimboomba South Jimboomba West Maclean Maclean East Mundoolun South Maclean Stockleigh South West Maclean Yarrabilba North2290Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
QLDKirwanBohle Plains Condon Kelso Kirwan Rasmussen14100FTTNQ3-2016
QLDKirwanKelso210Fixed WirelessH1-2018
QLDKilcoyKilcoy Kilcoy North Neurum Royston800Fixed Wireless42430
QLDKallangur and PetrieDakabin Griffin Kallangur Kurwongbah Mango Hill Murrumba Downs North Lakes Petrie Whiteside13700FTTNQ3-2016
QLDKurandaKowrowa Kuranda300Fixed WirelessQ2-2016
QLDKingaroyBell Mount Mowbullan180Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
QLDLammermoorAdelaide Park Bondoola Cawarral Keppel Sands Keppel Sands East Mount Chalmers Tanby1130Fixed Wireless42248
QLDLammermoorBarlows Hill Barmaryee Cooee Bay Hidden Valley Inverness Lammermoor Meikleville Hill Pacific Heights Rosslyn Taranganba Taroomball Yeppoon8000FTTNQ2-2016
QLDLoganholmeCarbrook Cornubia Loganholme2200FTTNH2-2017
QLDLogan VillageCedar Creek Logan Village Stockleigh2400FTTN42309
QLDLogan VillageBahrs Scrub Buccan Cedar Creek North Chambers Flat Crestmead Logan Reserve Logan Reserve North Logan Village Park Ridge East Stockleigh Stockleigh North Tamborine East Tamborine North Tamborine South Yarrabilba South2270Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
QLDMagnetic IslandArcadia Horseshoe Bay Nelly Bay Picnic Bay2300FTTNH1-2017
QLDMalenyMaleny and surrounds2080Fixed WirelessQ2-2016
QLDMaryboroughAldershot Bauple Boonooroo Maaroom Oakhurst Poona Tiaro1740Fixed Wireless42248
QLDMaryboroughGranville Maryborough Tinana10400FTTNH2-2017
QLDMundubberaMundubbera120Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
QLDSamfordBrookfield Brookfield North Bunya Camp Mountain Closeburn Draper Herron Park Highvale Mount Coot-Tha Mount Samson West Upper Brookfield Wights Mountain1990Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
QLDSamfordHighvale Samford Valley Samford Village1500FTTNH1-2017
QLDMareebaDimbulah Speewah South540Fixed Wireless42309
QLDMount GravattHolland Park Holland Park West Macgregor Mansfield Mount Gravatt Mount Gravatt East Upper Mount Gravatt Wishart22500HFCH2-2016
QLDMount GravattBurbank Carindale Mackenzie1700FTTNH1-2018
QLDGold Coast-Tweed HeadsGilston Highland Park Merrimac Tallai Worongary8200FTTNH1-2017
QLDGold Coast-Tweed HeadsHighland Park Nerang4000HFCH2-2018
QLDMission BeachBingil Bay Mission Beach South Mission Beach Wongaling Beach2400FTTNQ3-2016
QLDMackayAlligator Creek Central Ball Bay Carpet Snake Habana North Marlborough Sarina Seaforth910Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
QLDMaudslandClagiraba Guanaba Guanaba North700Fixed Wireless42248
QLDMaudslandMount Nathan600FTTN42339
QLDMoranbahCarborough Range Elphinstone North Glenden Moranbah Nebo Smith Hill1300Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
QLDMontoCannindah0Fixed Wireless42309
QLDMoggillAnstead Bellbowrie Moggill Pinjarra Hills4800FTTNQ3-2016
QLDMooloolah ValleyGlenview Mooloolah Valley Palmview1700FTTNH1-2018
QLDMossmanMowbray120Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
QLDMossmanBonnie Doon Cooya Beach Mossman1500FTTNH1-2017
QLDMerrimacBroadbeach Waters Clear Island Waters Mermaid Beach Mermaid Waters Miami15100HFCH2-2016
QLDMarburgMarburg Minden800FTTNQ3-2016
QLDMarburgGlenore Grove North Haigslea Minden South Mt England Prenzlau Tallegalla1090Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
QLDMorayfieldBurpengary East Morayfield7400FTTNH2-2017
QLDMiraniMarian Mirani1700FTTN42430
QLDMiraniDalrymple Heights Finch Hatton Mirani Pinnacle530Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
QLDMount CrosbyChuwar Karalee Karana Downs Mount Crosby4400FTTNQ1-2017
QLDMount IsaFisher Happy Valley Healy Menzies Mica Creek Miles End Mornington Mount Isa Mount Isa City Parkside Pioneer Soldiers Hill Sunset The Gap Townview Winston8900FTTNQ1-2017
QLDMount MorganMount Morgan400Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
QLDMount MorganMount Morgan1200FTTNQ1-2017
QLDMurgonKilkivan Tingoora540Fixed Wireless42278
QLDMaroochydoreAlexandra Headland Kuluin Maroochydore14100FTTNQ2-2016
QLDNanangoHodgleigh Nanango West Tarong North540Fixed WirelessQ4-2016
QLDNambourSunshine Coast Hinterland and surrounds2430Fixed Wireless42430
QLDNambourBurnside Coes Creek Highworth Image Flat Kiels Mountain Nambour Parklands Perwillowen Rosemount Towen Mountain West Woombye Woombye9800FTTNQ3-2016
QLDNudgeeNorthgate Nundah Virginia Wavell Heights9100HFCH1-2018
QLDNewtownCotswold Hills Cranley Darling Heights Drayton Glenvale Gowrie Junction Harristown Hodgson Vale Mount Rascal Newtown Preston Rockville Toowoomba City Top Camp Torrington Westbrook Wilsonton Wilsonton Heights26600FTTN42370
QLDNorth GooburrumMoolyung Watalgan Winfield Yandaran360Fixed Wireless42309
QLDNorth GooburrumMoore Park Beach1100FTTNH1-2018
QLDNingiBeachmere Ningi2000FTTN42309
QLDNingiBeachmere North Beachmere West Bellmere West Donnybrook West Meldale Moorina Narangba Narangba West Toorbul Wamuran1670Fixed WirelessH1-2017
QLDNorth MackayAndergrove Beaconsfield Cremorne Glenella Mackay Harbour Mount Pleasant North Mackay Slade Point12500FTTNQ1-2017
QLDSunshine Coast NoosaCastaways Beach Cooroibah Doonan Noosa Heads Noosaville Sunrise Beach Sunshine Beach Tewantin Tinbeerwah Verrierdale23300FTTNQ1-2017
QLDNarangbaBurpengary Burpengary East Narangba12700FTTNQ3-2016
QLDNew FarmNew Farm1400FTTNH2-2017
QLDOrmeauCoomera Luscombe Ormeau Ormeau Hills Pimpama Upper Coomera15000FTTNQ4-2016
QLDOrmeauGilberton Jacobs Well Kingsholme Stapylton Willow Vale Wolffdene South Woongoolba1170Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
QLDOxenfordHelensvale Maudsland Oxenford Pacific Pines12100FTTNQ1-2017
QLDParadise PointBiggera Waters Coombabah Hollywell Paradise Point Runaway Bay16800HFCH1-2017
QLDParadise PointHope Island6100FTTNH2-2017
QLDPort DouglasCraiglie Port Douglas5400FTTNQ1-2017
QLDPomonaCooran Pomona1000FTTNQ2-2016
QLDPomonaNoosa Hinterland and surrounds1040Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
QLDProserpineGregory River Proserpine480Fixed Wireless42278
QLDParkhurstGlenlee Parkhurst Rockyview1800FTTN42401
QLDRobinaBonogin Robina7100FTTNQ1-2017
QLDRobinaBeechmont Beechmont North Bonogin Central Bonogin West Gilston Hellfire Pass Mudgeeraba Neranwood South Springbrook North Springbrook South1990Fixed WirelessH1-2018
QLDRedcliffeClontarf Kippa-Ring Margate Newport Redcliffe Scarborough Woody Point22000HFCH1-2016
QLDRedland BayCarbrook Mount Cotton Redland Bay2200FTTN42309
QLDRavenshoeRavenshoe East Tully Gorge190Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
QLDRollingstoneBalgal Beach700FTTNQ3-2016
QLDRockhamptonAllenstown Berserker Depot Hill Kawana Park Avenue Port Curtis Rockhampton City The Common The Range Wandal West Rockhampton12400FTTN42309
QLDRosewoodRosewood Thagoona Walloon2000FTTN42401
QLDRosewoodCalvert Ebenezer South Grandchester Mount Forbes Mount Walker Rosewood Walloon North Willowbank960Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
QLDRothwellDeception Bay Mango Hill Rothwell10600FTTNH2-2017
QLDRussell-Macleay IslandsKarragarra Island Lamb Island Macleay Island Russell Island15700FTTNH1-2017
QLDRiver HeadsBooral River Heads Urangan7400FTTNH1-2018
QLDSarina BeachSarina1600FTTN42430
QLDSarina BeachClairview St Lawrence310Fixed WirelessQ2-2016
QLDHaliday BaySeaforth500FTTN42430
QLDSpringfieldAugustine Heights Brookwater Camira Springfield Springfield Lakes6600FTTNQ3-2016
QLDSpringfieldCamira Springfield2600HFCH2-2018
QLDCairns SmithfieldCaravonica Clifton Beach Kewarra Beach Palm Cove Smithfield Trinity Beach Trinity Park Yorkeys Knob15600FTTN42430
QLDSlacks CreekBerrinba Daisy Hill Karawatha Kingston Logan Central Slacks Creek Springwood Woodridge22900HFCH2-2016
QLDSlacks CreekSlacks Creek900FTTNH2-2017
QLDSouthportLabrador Main Beach Southport26000HFCH1-2017
QLDStephensCurrumbin Valley Currumbin Waters Reedy Creek Tallebudgera Tallebudgera Valley6800FTTNQ4-2016
QLDSherwoodAnnerley Chelmer Corinda Fairfield Graceville Moorooka Oxley Sherwood Tarragindi Tennyson Yeerongpilly Yeronga26200HFCH2-2017
QLDSalisburyAcacia Ridge Archerfield Coopers Plains Nathan Rocklea Salisbury9500HFCH1-2017
QLDSalisburyArcherfield Rocklea1700FTTNH2-2017
QLDSt GeorgeSt George1300FTTNH1-2017
QLDSurfers ParadiseSurfers Paradise2000FTTNH2-2017
QLDSurfers ParadiseBroadbeach Waters2000HFCH2-2018
QLDMount TamborineTamborine Mountain4000FTTNH2-2017
QLDTingalpaBelmont Hemmant Lota Lytton Manly Manly West Murarrie Tingalpa Wynnum Wynnum West24100HFCH1-2017
QLDTingalpaGumdale Hemmant Tingalpa Wakerley6700FTTNH1-2018
QLDPialbaCraignish Dundowran Dundowran Beach Eli Waters Kawungan Nikenbah Pialba Point Vernon Scarness Toogoom Torquay Urraween Wondunna20600FTTNH1-2017
QLDToowongAuchenflower Indooroopilly St Lucia Taringa Toowong20900HFCH1-2018
QLDVictoria PointCoochiemudlo Island Sheldon Thornlands Victoria Point9600FTTNH1-2018
QLDWoodfordBeerburrum D'Aguilar D'Aguilar South Elimbah Wamuran North Woodford1120Fixed WirelessH2-2017
QLDWoodfordD'Aguilar Delaneys Creek Woodford1000FTTNH2-2017
QLDWeipaNanum Rocky Point Trunding700FTTNQ3-2016
QLDWulguruAnnandale Cluden Douglas Idalia Mount Stuart Murray Nome Oonoonba Stuart Wulguru9800FTTNQ4-2016
QLDWoolloongabbaEast Brisbane Kangaroo Point Woolloongabba Annerley3100HFCH2-2017
QLDWoongarraBargara Burnett Heads Coral Cove Elliott Heads Innes Park7600FTTNH1-2018
QLDWarnerBray Park Strathpine6100HFCH1-2018
QLDWarwickRosenthal Heights Warwick5800FTTNH1-2017
QLDWaterfordBethania Buccan Crestmead Heritage Park Meadowbrook Waterford5900FTTNH2-2017
QLDWaterfordBethania Crestmead Edens Landing Heritage Park Logan Reserve Loganlea Marsden Meadowbrook Waterford West14700HFCH1-2018
QLDWurtullaAlexandra Headland Birtinya Bokarina Buddina Currimundi Meridan Plains Minyama Mooloolaba Mountain Creek Parrearra Warana Wurtulla24000FTTN42309
QLDWoongoolbaJacobs Well Steiglitz1100FTTNQ4-2016
QLDYandinaMaroochy River Ninderry Yandina1700FTTNH1-2017
SAArdrossanArdrossan Tiddy Widdy Beach1000FTTNQ2-2016
SABirdwoodBirdwood Gumeracha Kersbrook900FTTNQ2-2016
SABrightonBrighton Darlington Dover Gardens Hove Kingston Park Marino Marion North Brighton Oaklands Park Seacliff Seacliff Park Seacombe Gardens Seacombe Heights Seaview Downs South Brighton Sturt Warradale18800HFCH1-2017
SABrightonDarlington Flagstaff Hill900FTTNH1-2018
SACedunaStreaky Bay620Fixed Wireless42278
SACedunaCeduna Thevenard1300FTTNH1-2017
SACrystal BrookCrystal Brook700FTTN42401
SAClareClare North Sevenhill320Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
SACoromandelAberfoyle Park Chandlers Hill Coromandel Valley Flagstaff Hill9000FTTNQ4-2016
SASt MarysAscot Park Bedford Park Belair Bellevue Heights Blackwood Clapham Clovelly Park Colonel Light Gardens Daw Park Edwardstown Glenalta Hawthorndene Lower Mitcham Lynton Marion Melrose Park Mitchell Park Panorama Park Holme Pasadena St Marys Torrens Park15700FTTN42278
SACoober PedyCoober Pedy1100FTTNQ4-2016
SACroydon SaAngle Park Athol Park Beverley Bowden Devon Park Ferryden Park Findon Hindmarsh Kilkenny Mansfield Park Pennington Regency Park Woodville Woodville Gardens Woodville North Woodville Park Woodville South Woodville West17600FTTNH2-2017
SACroydon SaAllenby Gardens Bowden Brompton Croydon Croydon Park Devon Park Regency Park Renown Park Ridleyton Welland West Croydon West Hindmarsh8200HFCH2-2017
SAEdwardstownAshford Black Forest Clarence Gardens Clarence Park Cumberland Park Edwardstown Everard Park Forestville Glandore Keswick Kurralta Park Marleston Netley North Plympton Plympton Plympton Park South Plympton18200HFCH2-2017
SAElizabethParalowie Salisbury North9100HFCH2-2016
SAElizabethBurton Craigmore Edinburgh Elizabeth Elizabeth Downs Elizabeth East Elizabeth Grove Elizabeth Park Elizabeth South Elizabeth Vale Elizabeth West Hillbank17200FTTNH2-2017
SAFlindersNorth Adelaide4700HFCH1-2016
SAGawlerBuchfelde Concordia Evanston Evanston Gardens Evanston Park Gawler Gawler Belt Gawler East Gawler South Gawler West Hewett Kalbeeba Kudla Roseworthy Willaston8800FTTN42401
SAGlenelgNovar Gardens1500FTTNH1-2018
SAGlenelgCamden Park Glenelg East Glenelg North Glengowrie Morphettville Novar Gardens8900HFCH2-2018
SAGoolwaFinniss Langhorne Creek330Fixed Wireless42430
SAGoolwaGoolwa Goolwa Beach Goolwa North Goolwa South Hindmarsh Island Middleton7100FTTNQ3-2016
SAGolden GroveGolden Grove Greenwith Yatala Vale3400FTTNH2-2017
SAGolden GroveFairview Park Golden Grove Greenwith Surrey Downs Wynn Vale Yatala Vale9300HFCH1-2018
SAGepps CrossBlair Athol Bolivar Clearview Dry Creek Enfield Gepps Cross Ingle Farm Kilburn Mawson Lakes Northfield Para Hills West Pooraka Walkley Heights Wingfield20200FTTNQ2-2016
SAGepps CrossMawson Lakes800HFCH1-2018
SAGlenungaClarence Park Cumberland Park Goodwood Highgate Hyde Park Kings Park Kingswood Millswood Mitcham Netherby Parkside Torrens Park Unley Unley Park Wayville12300HFCH1-2016
SAGlenungaBeaumont Eastwood Frewville Fullarton Glen Osmond Glenside Glenunga Hawthorn Hazelwood Park Hyde Park Linden Park Malvern Mount Osmond Myrtle Bank Netherby Springfield St Georges Unley Park Urrbrae Westbourne Park15800FTTNH2-2017
SAHenley BeachFulham Fulham Gardens Grange Henley Beach Henley Beach South Kidman Park Seaton West Beach15200HFCH2-2017
SAHenley BeachGrange Seaton Tennyson West Lakes4600FTTNH2-2017
SAHampsteadBroadview Dernancourt Gilles Plains Greenacres Hampstead Gardens Holden Hill Klemzig Manningham Vale Park Windsor Gardens11600HFCH1-2017
SAHampsteadGilles Plains Hillcrest Holden Hill Manningham Northgate Oakden Vale Park6600FTTNH2-2017
SAKadinaJerusalem Kadina New Town North Beach Wallaroo Wallaroo Mines5200FTTN42430
SAKingston S.e.Kingston SE Pinks Beach800FTTN42430
SALenswoodAnstey Hill Ashton Carey Gully Cromer Inglewood Kersbrook East Lenswood Mount Pleasant Mount Torrens Woodside East2230Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
SALenswoodCharleston Lobethal Woodside2100FTTNH1-2018
SALonsdaleChristie Downs Christies Beach Hackham Hackham West Huntfield Heights Lonsdale Morphett Vale Noarlunga Centre Noarlunga Downs O'Sullivan Beach Onkaparinga Hills Port Noarlunga24600FTTNQ1-2017
SALyndochLyndoch Williamstown1500FTTNQ2-2016
SAPort Elliot and Victor HarborAltona Cockatoo Valley Humbug Scrub One Tree Hill Sandy Creek Uleybury Warpoo Williamstown Williamstown North Yattalunga1310Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
SAMacclesfieldBugle Ranges Callington Echunga North Echunga South Kanmantoo Littlehampton Macclesfield South Mount Barker Oakbank Paris Creek West1860Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
SAMannumMannum Port Mannum1500FTTN42430
SAModburyBanksia Park Modbury Heights Redwood Park St Agnes Tea Tree Gully5800HFCH1-2016
SAModburyBanksia Park Highbury Hope Valley Ingle Farm Modbury Modbury Heights Modbury North Para Hills Para Vista Redwood Park Ridgehaven St Agnes Tea Tree Gully Valley View Vista5000FTTNH1-2018
SAMoontaMoonta Moonta Bay North Moonta Port Hughes3700FTTNQ2-2016
SAMt BarkerBalhannah Blakiston Hahndorf Littlehampton Mount Barker Nairne Oakbank Verdun11500FTTN42278
SAMount GambierMount Gambier Worrolong13400FTTNQ3-2016
SAMount GambierPort MacDonnell410Fixed WirelessQ4-2016
SAMurray BridgeMurray Bridge Murray Bridge East Riverglades8400FTTN42248
SAMurray BridgeTeal Flat180Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
SANorwoodAuldana Beulah Park Burnside Dulwich Erindale Firle Hazelwood Park Heathpool Kensington Kensington Gardens Kensington Park Leabrook Magill Marryatville Norwood Payneham South Rose Park Rosslyn Park Skye St Morris Stonyfell Teringie Toorak Gardens Tranmere Trinity Gardens Tusmore Wattle Park21400HFCH2-2016
SANorwoodCollege Park Evandale Hackney Joslin Kent Town Marden Maylands Norwood Payneham Royston Park St Peters Stepney9500FTTNH2-2017
SANuriootpaEudunda Eudunda West Kapunda Mallala Springton Tanunda1250Fixed Wireless42401
SANuriootpaAngaston Greenock Nuriootpa Penrice Stockwell Tanunda6600FTTNQ2-2016
SAOnkaparingaMcLaren Flat McLaren Vale North Sellicks Hill Tatachilla The Range Willunga1000Fixed WirelessQ4-2016
SAOsborneBirkenhead Ethelton Exeter Glanville Largs Bay Largs North New Port North Haven Osborne Outer Harbor Peterhead Semaphore Semaphore Park Semaphore South Taperoo West Lakes West Lakes Shore18400FTTNQ4-2016
SAPort AdelaideAlbert Park Alberton Athol Park Cheltenham Garden Island Hendon Ottoway Pennington Port Adelaide Queenstown Rosewater Royal Park Seaton West Lakes Wingfield15600FTTNH1-2017
SAPort BroughtonFisherman Bay Port Broughton1300FTTN42430
SAPort PirieMelrose Port Germein Wirrabara400Fixed Wireless42248
SAPort PiriePort Pirie Port Pirie South Port Pirie West Risdon Park Risdon Park South Solomontown7500FTTNQ3-2016
SAParadiseAthelstone Campbelltown Dernancourt Felixstow Glynde Hectorville Newton Paradise Payneham Rostrevor Tranmere Woodforde19900HFCH1-2018
SAParadiseAthelstone Glynde3000FTTNH1-2018
SAPort Elliot and Victoria HarborLower Inman Valley330Fixed WirelessQ2-2016
SAPeterboroughOrroroo310Fixed Wireless42401
SAPort LincolnCoffin Bay Cummins Louth Bay North Shields Pearlah Port Lincoln South Wangary Wanilla Winter Hill1730Fixed Wireless42278
SAPort LincolnPort Lincoln8000FTTNQ1-2017
SARoxby DownsRoxby Downs1800FTTNQ3-2016
SAReynellaHallett Cove Happy Valley Lonsdale O'Halloran Hill Old Reynella Reynella Reynella East Sheidow Park Woodcroft22500FTTN42370
SAReynellaTrott Park3100HFCH1-2017
SARenmarkParinga Renmark3000FTTNQ3-2016
SARivertonRiverton Saddleworth560Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
SASalisburyBrahma Lodge Gulfview Heights Para Hills West Parafield Gardens Salisbury Salisbury Downs Salisbury East Salisbury Heights Salisbury Park Salisbury Plain19800HFCH2-2016
SASalisburyGlobe Derby Park Green Fields Gulfview Heights Mawson Lakes Parafield Salisbury South4700FTTNH1-2018
SASmithfieldAndrews Farm Angle Vale Blakeview Craigmore Davoren Park Elizabeth North Munno Para Munno Para Downs Munno Para West Penfield Smithfield Smithfield Plains17100FTTNQ1-2017
SAStirlingAldgate Bridgewater Crafers Crafers West Greenhill Heathfield Mylor Piccadilly Stirling Summertown Upper Sturt Uraidla6800FTTNQ2-2016
SAStirlingCherry Gardens Clarendon Compass Heights Crafers West Hope Forest Kangarilla Longwood North Meadows Mylor Myponga Scott Creek1890Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
SATailem BendTailem Bend Wellington East1100FTTNQ2-2016
SATailem BendWellington East130Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
SATwo WellsTwo Wells Virginia800FTTN42401
SATwo WellsAngle Vale Edinburgh Evanston South Gawler West Hillier Lewiston East Port Gawler Roseworthy Two Wells Virginia Wasleys Waterloo Corner3350Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
SATumby BayTumby Bay1100FTTNH1-2017
SAWest AdelaideBrooklyn Park Cowandilla Flinders Park Hilton Lockleys Mile End Richmond Thebarton Torrensville Underdale West Richmond14000HFCH1-2017
SAWest AdelaideMile End South Thebarton1600FTTNH2-2017
SAWhyallaWhyalla Whyalla Jenkins Whyalla Norrie Whyalla Playford Whyalla Stuart11000FTTN42430
SAYankalillaKingscote Central520Fixed Wireless42278
SAYorketownEdithburgh370Fixed Wireless42401
TASBeaconsfieldBeaconsfield200Fixed Wireless42370
TASBeaconsfieldBeaconsfield Beauty Point1500FTTNQ3-2016
TASBurnieActon Brooklyn Burnie Cooee Downlands East Cam Emu Heights Havenview Hillcrest Montello Ocean Vista Park Grove Parklands Romaine Shorewell Park South Burnie Upper Burnie Wivenhoe14500FTTN42430
TASCambridgeActon Park Cambridge Clarendon Vale Howrah Lauderdale Mount Rumney Oakdowns Roches Beach Rokeby Seven Mile Beach Tranmere8300FTTN42309
TASCampbell TownCampbell Town600FTTNQ2-2016
TASCampbell TownOatlands Parattah360Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
TASCremorneClifton Beach Cremorne Sandford1200FTTNQ3-2016
TASCygnetDover Geeveston Lune River Southport Surveyors Bay Tylers Hill1340Fixed Wireless42309
TASDevonportAberdeen Devonport Don Miandetta Quoiba Spreyton Stony Rise Tugrah10000FTTN42339
TASDodges FerryCarlton Dodges Ferry Forcett Lewisham Primrose Sands4000FTTN42370
TASDodges FerryMurdunna East Port Arthur390Fixed Wireless42401
TASEast DevonportAmbleside East Devonport Latrobe4200FTTNQ2-2016
TASEvandaleEvandale Western Junction700FTTN42309
TASExeterBlackwall Exeter Gravelly Beach Lanena Swan Point800FTTN42430
TASGeorge TownLower Turners Marsh150Fixed Wireless42401
TASHobartBattery Point Dynnyrne Fern Tree Glebe Hobart Lenah Valley Moonah Mount Nelson Mount Stuart New Town North Hobart Queens Domain Sandy Bay South Hobart Tolmans Hill Wellington Park West Hobart6400FTTN42401
TASHuonville-RanelaghCatos Hill Chimney Pot380Fixed Wireless42401
TASHuonville-RanelaghFranklin Huonville Ranelagh1800FTTNQ2-2016
TASLeganaGrindelwald Legana1900FTTN42370
TASLeganaSwan Bay North140Fixed WirelessH1-2018
TASMargateConingham Electrona Lower Snug Margate Snug1700FTTNQ2-2016
TASMargateMargate West Tinderbox500Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
TASNew NorfolkBagdad Bothwell Dromedary North Hawfield Kempton Mangalore Mount Faulkner Mount Reid Mount Rivulet Quoin Hill Tea Tree South1410Fixed Wireless42370
TASNew NorfolkLawitta New Norfolk2600FTTN42401
TASClaremont, HobartAustins Ferry Berriedale Chigwell Claremont Derwent Park Dowsing Point Glenorchy Goodwood Granton Lutana Montrose Moonah Otago Rosetta West Moonah2500FTTNQ2-2016
TASOrfordOrford Spring Beach1200FTTNQ2-2016
TASPenguinHeybridge Penguin Sulphur Creek2200FTTNQ2-2016
TASPerthDevon Hills Perth1500FTTNQ3-2016
TASPontvilleBrighton Honeywood Old Beach Pontville6000FTTNQ2-2016
TASPort SorellHawley Beach Port Sorell Shearwater2400FTTNQ3-2016
TASRailtonErriba Paradise Railton Sheffield Sheffield East Sunnyside South Wilmot1510Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
TASRailtonRailton Sheffield900FTTNQ3-2016
TASRichmond TasRichmond500FTTNQ3-2016
TASScottsdale Telstra ExchBeechford Branxholm Derby Valley Knockup Mount Horror Ringarooma North Springfield Winnaleah870Fixed Wireless42248
TASSouth LauncestonBlackstone Heights Hadspen Kings Meadows Norwood Prospect Prospect Vale Punchbowl Relbia South Launceston St Leonards Summerhill Travellers Rest Youngtown1000FTTN42401
TASSouth ArmOpossum Bay South Arm800FTTNQ3-2016
TASSt HelensSt Helens130Fixed WirelessH2-2017
TASSt MarysBeaumaris Falmounth Fingal North Cornwall St Marys900Fixed WirelessH2-2017
TASSwanseaColes Bay East220Fixed Wireless42370
TASUlverstoneForth Leith Turners Beach Ulverstone West Ulverstone6300FTTNQ2-2016
TASWestburyHagley Westbury1000FTTN42401
VICApollo Bay-MarengoApollo Bay Marengo2000FTTNQ2-2016
VICApollo Bay-MarengoApollo Bay Skenes Creek310Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
VICAltonaAltona Seaholme5900HFCH2-2016
VICAngleseaAireys Inlet Anglesea Fairhaven5000FTTN42401
VICBacchus MarshBacchus Marsh Bullengarook Dales Creek Darley Mt Blackwood Myrniong870Fixed WirelessQ4-2016
VICBairnsdaleBairnsdale Central Bairnsdale East Bruthen Johnsonville North Kalimna Lake Bunga Metung Mt Taylor Nicholson East Nungurner Sarsfield Swan Reach2720Fixed Wireless42248
VICBairnsdaleBairnsdale East Bairnsdale Eastwood Lucknow Wy Yung6900FTTNH1-2017
VICBayswaterBayswater Bayswater North Boronia Heathmont The Basin22600HFCH1-2017
VICBannockburnBannockburn1600FTTP, FTTN42430
VICBundooraBundoora Kingsbury6900HFCH2-2016
VICBroadmeadowsAttwood Broadmeadows Coolaroo Dallas Jacana Meadow Heights Westmeadows11200HFCH2-2017
VICBroadmeadowsAttwood Campbellfield Greenvale Meadow Heights Oaklands Junction10100FTTNH2-2017
VICBelgraveBelgrave Belgrave Heights Belgrave South Ferny Creek Kallista Sassafras Selby Sherbrooke Tecoma Upwey7600FTTNH1-2018
VICBendigoBendigo Big Hill East Bendigo Flora Hill Golden Gully Golden Square Ironbark Junortoun Kangaroo Flat Kennington Long Gully North Bendigo Quarry Hill Spring Gully Strathdale Strathfieldsaye West Bendigo White Hills34200FTTNQ3-2016
VICBendigoJunortoun560Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
VICBerwick SouthBeaconsfield Beaconsfield Upper Berwick Guys Hill18300FTTNQ4-2016
VICBrightBright Porepunkah2100FTTNH2-2017
VICBrightonBrighton Brighton East Gardenvale15800HFCH2-2016
VICBlairgowrieBlairgowrie Portsea Sorrento9300FTTNQ4-2016
VICBlackburnBlackburn Blackburn North Blackburn South Forest Hill Nunawading16500HFCH1-2017
VICBelmontBelmont Connewarre Grovedale Highton Marshall Mount Duneed Wandana Heights Waurn Ponds23200FTTNQ1-2017
VICBentleighBentleigh Caulfield South Glen Huntly McKinnon Ormond18500HFCH1-2016
VICBox HillBox Hill Box Hill North Box Hill South Mont Albert Mont Albert North Surrey Hills20600HFCH1-2018
VICBroadfordKilmore East Sunday Creek360Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
VICBurwoodBox Hill South Burwood10800HFCH1-2017
VICBeaconsfield UpperBeaconsfield Officer Pakenham9900FTTN42278
VICBeaconsfield UpperBeaconhills Nar Nar Goon North Officer Pakenham Upper620Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
VICCanterburyBalwyn Canterbury Surrey Hills10700HFCH1-2016
VICCastlemaineCampbells Creek Castlemaine Chewton McKenzie Hill5000FTTNQ2-2016
VICCaulfieldCaulfield Caulfield North Caulfield South Elsternwick Ripponlea10200HFCH2-2016
VICCobramBarooga Cobram3500FTTNH2-2017
VICCranbourneBotanic Ridge Cardinia Clyde North Devon Meadows Devon Meadows North Harkaway Narre Warren East Pearcedale Tooradin North2270Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
VICCranbourneBotanic Ridge Clyde Cranbourne Cranbourne East Cranbourne West Devon Meadows4800FTTNH2-2017
VICCoburgCoburg Coburg North Pascoe Vale Pascoe Vale South13200HFCH2-2016
VICCoburgCoburg North1400FTTNH2-2017
VICClaytonAshwood Chadstone Clarinda Clayton Clayton South Huntingdale Mount Waverley Oakleigh East25800HFCH1-2017
VICCobdenPomborneit110Fixed Wireless42309
VICCohunaLeitchville300Fixed Wireless42248
VICColacBarwon Downs Beeac Beech Forest Birregurra Colac Cressy East Deans Marsh Forrest Gellibrand Warncoort West Warrion Hill2310Fixed Wireless42248
VICColacColac Colac East Colac West Elliminyt5900FTTN42430
VICCowesCowes Rhyll Silverleaves Ventnor Wimbledon Heights8500FTTNQ3-2016
VICCraigieburnCraigieburn Mickleham Roxburgh Park Somerton Yuroke20800FTTN42401
VICCoronet BayCorinella Coronet Bay Grantville Pioneer Bay Tenby Point2500FTTNQ4-2016
VICCroydonCroydon Hills Croydon North Croydon South Kilsyth Kilsyth South Croydon1000FTTNH2-2017
VICCroydonCroydon Croydon Hills Croydon North Croydon South Kilsyth18400HFCH2-2018
VICChelseaChelsea Heights500FTTNH2-2017
VICChelseaBonbeach Carrum Chelsea Chelsea Heights Edithvale Patterson Lakes13200HFCH2-2018
VICCheltenhamBeaumaris Black Rock Cheltenham Mentone20600HFCH1-2017
VICCheltenhamMoorabbin Airport600FTTNH1-2018
VICCollingwoodAbbotsford Collingwood East Melbourne Fitzroy15200HFCH1-2018
VICDandenongDandenong Dandenong North Doveton Eumemmerring20200HFCH2-2017
VICDandenongDandenong South Hallam7500FTTNH2-2017
VICDandenong NorthDandenong North Noble Park North10600HFCH2-2016
VICDandenong NorthRowville4300FTTNH2-2017
VICDoncaster EastDoncaster East Donvale Templestowe16800HFCH2-2017
VICDeepdeneBalwyn Balwyn North Deepdene Kew East12000HFCH1-2016
VICDromanaArthurs Seat Dromana Safety Beach8000FTTNQ2-2016
VICDeer ParkArdeer Deer Park Sunshine West8300HFCH2-2017
VICDeer ParkBurnside Cairnlea Caroline Springs Derrimut Mount Cottrell Rockbank17800FTTNH2-2017
VICDaylesfordDaylesford Hepburn Hepburn Springs Musk2800FTTNQ3-2016
VICEaglehawkBridgewater on Loddon Dingee Lockwood Marong Raywood Sebastian Woodvale1510Fixed WirelessQ2-2016
VICEaglehawkCalifornia Gully Eaglehawk Jackass Flat Maiden Gully Marong Myers Flat Sailors Gully7000FTTNH1-2017
VICEchuca-MoamaEchuca South Echuca Village430Fixed Wireless42309
VICEchuca-MoamaEchuca Moama9700FTTNQ4-2016
VICElthamEltham Eltham North Lower Plenty Montmorency10300HFCH2-2017
VICEmeraldAvonsleigh Clematis Cockatoo Emerald Gembrook Kallista Menzies Creek Monbulk The Patch6700FTTNQ1-2017
VICEndeavour HillsEndeavour Hills7600HFCH1-2016
VICEndeavour HillsLysterfield South Narre Warren North2400FTTNH2-2017
VICEppingEpping Wollert6100FTTNH2-2017
VICEpsomAscot Epsom Huntly White Hills3400FTTNH2-2017
VICFingalMcCrae Rosebud Rosebud West15300FTTNH1-2017
VICFawknerGlenroy Hadfield Oak Park Pascoe Vale15800HFCH2-2016
VICFawknerCampbellfield2900FTTP, FTTNH2-2017
VICFerntree GullyFerntree Gully Lysterfield Tremont Upper Ferntree Gully13900HFCH2-2016
VICFerntree GullyLysterfield1000FTTNH2-2017
VICFrankstonFrankston Frankston South10800HFCH2-2016
VICFootscrayFootscray Maidstone West Footscray10400HFCH2-2016
VICFootscrayFootscray Kingsville Seddon Tottenham West Footscray Yarraville1600FTTNH1-2018
VICFlemingtonAscot Vale Flemington Kensington Moonee Ponds Travancore24100HFCH1-2017
VICGarfieldBunyip South Hallora Heaths Hill Loch South Longwarry Poowong Central Tonimbuk1320Fixed Wireless42309
VICGarfieldBunyip Garfield Longwarry2200FTTN42401
VICGreensboroughBriar Hill Greensborough Lower Plenty Macleod Montmorency Plenty St Helena Watsonia Watsonia North Yallambie19000HFCH1-2017
VICGeelongBell Park Bell Post Hill Breakwater Drumcondra East Geelong Geelong Geelong West Hamlyn Heights Herne Hill Manifold Heights Newtown North Geelong South Geelong Thomson30300FTTNQ3-2016
VICGlen IrisAshburton Ashwood Camberwell Glen Iris16300HFCH2-2016
VICHawthornCamberwell Hawthorn Hawthorn East20300HFCH2-2016
VICHeidelbergAlphington Bellfield Eaglemont Heidelberg Heidelberg Heights Heidelberg West Ivanhoe Ivanhoe East Rosanna Viewbank Yallambie26200HFCH2-2017
VICHighettBlack Rock Hampton Hampton East Highett Moorabbin Sandringham22800HFCH1-2016
VICHamiltonPenshurst270Fixed Wireless42278
VICHurstbridgeNutfield Yarrambat630Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
VICHurstbridgeDiamond Creek Hurstbridge Wattle Glen5600FTTNH1-2017
VICHealesvilleBadger Creek Chum Creek Healesville4300FTTNQ2-2016
VICHeyfieldNambrok210Fixed Wireless42309
VICKinglakeKinglake Kinglake Central Kinglake West1100FTTNQ4-2016
VICKinglakeArthurs Creek Flowerdale North Hazeldene South Hazeldene West Kinglake Central Pheasant Creek West Queenstown Smiths Gully East1160Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
VICKerangKerang Koroop Tragowel340Fixed Wireless42370
VICKeysboroughNoble Park Springvale South4500HFCH1-2018
VICKeysboroughKeysborough Noble Park Springvale South Waterways1500FTTNH1-2018
VICKings ParkBurnside Heights Delahey Taylors Hill5600FTTN42430
VICKings ParkAlbanvale Delahey Kealba Keilor Downs Kings Park St Albans24200HFCH2-2017
VICKilmoreKilmore Kilmore East2900FTTNQ2-2016
VICKeilorKeilor Keilor East3100HFCH2-2017
VICKeilorKeilor East600FTTNH2-2017
VICKyabramTatura Undera300Fixed Wireless42248
VICKooyongBalaclava Caulfield North Kooyong Malvern St Kilda East Toorak17100HFCH1-2016
VICLaraAvalon Corio Lara Lovely Banks Norlane North Shore17700FTTNQ3-2016
VICLaraBatesford Bell Post Hill Gnarwarre Inverleigh Lara Lethbridge Little River Little River South Lovely Banks Meredith Mt Cottrell Teesdale Werribee North Werribee South4050Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
VICLeongathaOuttrim210Fixed WirelessQ2-2016
VICLeongathaKorumburra Leongatha4700FTTNQ1-2017
VICLang LangNyora Nyora North490Fixed Wireless42309
VICLang LangLang Lang600FTTNQ1-2017
VICLilydaleChirnside Park Croydon North Lilydale Mooroolbark14100HFCH2-2016
VICLilydaleColdstream Lilydale5200FTTNH2-2017
VICLakes EntranceKalimna Lake Bunga Lake Tyers Beach Lakes Entrance Metung6300FTTNQ1-2017
VICLonsdaleDocklands Melbourne16500FTTNQ3-2016
VICLoch SportLoch Sport2400FTTNH1-2017
VICLavertonAltona Meadows9000HFCH2-2016
VICLavertonLaverton North Truganina Williams Landing6300FTTNH2-2017
VICLyndhurstBangholme Dandenong South Hampton Park Lynbrook Lyndhurst15100FTTNQ1-2017
VICMaryboroughCarisbrook Maryborough4700FTTNH1-2017
VICMount MacedonGisborne Macedon New Gisborne Riddells Creek Woodend7000FTTNQ2-2016
VICMaidstoneMaidstone Maribyrnong7500HFCH2-2017
VICMount BeautyMount Beauty Tawonga330Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
VICMount BeautyMount Beauty Tawonga South1100FTTNH2-2017
VICMirboo NorthMirboo North700FTTN42430
VICMordiallocAspendale Aspendale Gardens Clarinda Dingley Village Heatherton Mordialloc Parkdale18700HFCH1-2017
VICMordiallocAspendale Gardens Braeside Dingley Village Moorabbin Airport4200FTTNH1-2018
VICMilduraBuronga Cabarita Gol Gol Irymple Merbein Mildura19400FTTNH1-2018
VICMerndaDoreen Mernda9200FTTNQ1-2017
VICMansfieldGoughs Bay Strathbogie South350Fixed Wireless42401
VICMitchamDonvale Mitcham Vermont13300HFCH2-2017
VICMorelandBrunswick West Coburg Pascoe Vale South14700HFCH1-2017
VICMeltonMelton South900HFCH2-2016
VICMeltonAnthonys Cutting Balliang East Melton Melton South Plumpton1050Fixed WirelessQ4-2016
VICMeltonBrookfield Kurunjang Melton Melton South Melton West1500FTTNH1-2018
VICMoe-YallournMoe Newborough Trafalgar Yallourn North10300FTTN42370
VICMoe-YallournLake Narracan West Moe South Parkers Corner Tanjil South Thorpdale Trafalgar Willow Grove1580Fixed Wireless42370
VICMoolapLeopold Moolap Newcomb St Albans Park Whittington12000FTTNQ3-2016
VICMoolapBellbrae Ceres Drysdale Gherang Leopold Marcus Hill Moolap Moriac Mt Duneed Mt Duneed North Torquay East Wallington3740Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
VICMorningtonMornington Mount Martha16900FTTNQ3-2016
VICMount ElizaFrankston South800HFCH2-2016
VICMount ElizaBaxter Frankston South Langwarrin South Mount Eliza4200FTTNH2-2017
VICMontroseDon Valley East Gembrook South Gladysdale North Gruyere South Hoddles Creek South Macclesfield Monbulk East Seville Seville East Silvan North Silvan South Steels Creek East Woori Yallock South3210Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
VICMontroseKalorama Montrose Mount Dandenong Mount Evelyn Olinda7800FTTNH2-2017
VICMyrtlefordStanley Central120Fixed Wireless42430
VICNathaliaBarmah Mathoura Picola Yielima610Fixed Wireless42248
VICNarre WarrenCranbourne North Narre Warren South12000FTTNQ3-2016
VICNarre WarrenCranbourne North Narre Warren11700HFCH2-2016
VICNorth BalwynBalwyn North Bulleen Doncaster Templestowe Lower25300HFCH1-2017
VICNorthcoteClifton Hill Fairfield Fitzroy North Northcote22300HFCH1-2017
VICNorthcoteFitzroy North600FTTNH1-2018
VICNorth EssendonAberfeldie Avondale Heights Essendon Essendon North Essendon West Keilor East Niddrie Strathmore20700HFCH2-2016
VICNorth EssendonEssendon Fields900FTTNH2-2017
VICNorth MelbMelbourne2600FTTNH1-2018
VICNorth MelbNorth Melbourne West Melbourne13200HFCH2-2018
VICNumurkahInvergordon Waaia Wunghnu500Fixed Wireless42309
VICNewportBrooklyn Tottenham Williamstown Williamstown North10600FTTNQ3-2016
VICNewportAltona North Brooklyn Newport South Kingsville Spotswood Williamstown North13500HFCH2-2016
VICNewhavenCape Woolamai Newhaven San Remo Smiths Beach Sunset Strip Surf Beach5400FTTN42370
VICOakleighMalvern East700FTTNH1-2018
VICOakleighCarnegie Hughesdale Murrumbeena Oakleigh15700HFCH1-2018
VICOcean Grove-Barwon HeadsBarwon Heads Breamlea Mannerim Marcus Hill Ocean Grove Point Lonsdale Queenscliff13900FTTN42339
VICOrbostBenambra Buchan Marlo Marlo East Mount Sam Mt Raymond Newmerella Omeo1180Fixed Wireless42309
VICPaynesvilleEagle Point Newlands Arm Paynesville Raymond Island3700FTTNH2-2017
VICPoint CookPoint Cook Seabrook11300FTTNH1-2018
VICPort MelbourneAlbert Park Middle Park Port Melbourne South Melbourne Southbank13800HFCH1-2017
VICPort MelbournePort Melbourne South Wharf3700FTTNH1-2018
VICPort FairyPort Fairy2200FTTNQ4-2016
VICPortlandPortland Portland North5700FTTNQ3-2016
VICPortarlingtonClifton Springs Curlewis Drysdale Indented Head Portarlington St Leonards12800FTTN42309
VICRichmondAbbotsford Burnley Cremorne Richmond6400FTTNH1-2018
VICRed CliffsBillabong Cardross Irymple Koorlong Merbein Merbein South Mildura Airport Mildura East Nangiloc Red Cliffs East Red Cliffs South3940Fixed Wireless42248
VICRed CliffsRed Cliffs1400FTTNQ4-2016
VICReservoirKingsbury Preston Reservoir29700HFCH1-2017
VICRomseyLancefield Romsey2400FTTNQ2-2016
VICRomseyAshbourne North East Lancefield North Newham North Newham South Romsey North West Woodend North Woodend South1390Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
VICRobinvaleBannerton Hill Robinvale390Fixed Wireless42430
VICRobinvaleEuston Robinvale1300FTTNQ1-2017
VICRingwoodRingwood Ringwood East Ringwood North15600HFCH2-2017
VICRyeRye St Andrews Beach Tootgarook13900FTTNQ2-2016
VICSafety BeachMount Martha5000FTTNQ4-2016
VICSafety BeachRed Hill North140Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
VICSaleBriagolong310Fixed Wireless42248
VICScoresbyKnoxfield Rowville Scoresby Wantirna Wantirna South22200HFCH2-2016
VICSydenhamHillside Keilor Lodge Plumpton Sydenham Taylors Hill Taylors Lakes19100FTTNH1-2017
VICSeafordFrankston North Seaford12500HFCH2-2016
VICSeafordCarrum Downs Sandhurst Skye12400FTTNH2-2017
VICSebastopolAlfredton Bonshaw Cardigan Delacombe Redan Sebastopol11700FTTNH2-2017
VICShorehamBalnarring Balnarring Beach Flinders Point Leo Red Hill Red Hill South Shoreham Somers5100FTTNQ2-2016
VICShorehamArthurs Seat South Cape Schanck Main Ridge Moonah Red Hill South Shoreham1850Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
VICSheppartonGrahamvale Kialla Kialla West Mooroopna Orrvale Shepparton Shepparton North2400FTTN42401
VICSouth OakleighBentleigh East Oakleigh South13100HFCH1-2017
VICSomervilleBittern Crib Point Hastings Hmas Cerberus Pearcedale Somerville Tyabb14800FTTNQ1-2017
VICSomervilleDevilbend Hastings North Hastings West Merricks North Moorooduc Pearcedale West Tyabb1310Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
VICSpringvaleClayton South Mulgrave Noble Park Springvale Springvale South16800HFCH1-2017
VICSandy PointSandy Point700FTTNQ1-2017
VICSunshineAlbion Braybrook Sunshine Sunshine North Sunshine West14900HFCH2-2017
VICSunshineBraybrook Sunshine Sunshine North Sunshine West Albion1900FTTNH2-2017
VICSt ArnaudSt Arnaud1400FTTNH2-2017
VICStawellMt William0Fixed Wireless42309
VICStratfordMaffra Stratford2700FTTNQ3-2016
VICSunburyDiggers Rest Sunbury14400FTTP, FTTN42430
VICSunburyBulla Diggers Rest Mickleham Monegeetta North East Mt Holden New Gisborne New Gisborne South Riddells Creek Riddells Creek North Riddells Creek West Toolern Vale3030Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
VICSwan HillSwan Hill5300FTTNQ3-2016
VICSouth YarraSouth Yarra Southbank26700HFCH1-2017
VICTraralgonTraralgon Traralgon East12900FTTNQ2-2016
VICTooradinBlind Bight Cannons Creek Koo Wee Rup Tooradin Warneet2500FTTNQ4-2016
VICThornburyPreston Thornbury14300HFCH2-2017
VICTarneitHoppers Crossing15200HFCH1-2016
VICThomastownLalor Thomastown14800HFCH1-2017
VICTorquayJan Juc Torquay9000FTTN42309
VICTrenthamBlue Mountain Byers Trentham710Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
VICTally HoBurwood East Glen Waverley Mount Waverley Vermont South20400HFCH2-2017
VICVenus BayVenus Bay2200FTTNQ4-2016
VICWadinSeville Wandin North1600FTTNH2-2017
VICWangarattaWaldara Wangaratta9800FTTN42401
VICWangarattaEldorado200Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
VICWarburtonEast Warburton Millgrove Warburton Wesburn Yarra Junction3700FTTN42370
VICWarrnamboolAllansford Dennington Warrnambool14800FTTN42430
VICWodongaBandiana Baranduda Barnawartha North Leneva West Wodonga Wodonga21400FTTNQ2-2016
VICWodongaAllans Flat Bethanga390Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
VICWarrandyteKangaroo Ground Panton Hill Warrandyte East Wonga Park North950Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
VICWarrandyteNorth Warrandyte Warrandyte Wonga Park4100FTTNH2-2017
VICWendoureeLake Gardens Lake Wendouree Miners Rest Mitchell Park Wendouree8600FTTNH2-2017
VICWerribeeWerribee Wyndham Vale4200FTTNH1-2018
VICWarragulDarnum Drouin Drouin East Nilma Warragul Yarragon13800FTTN42339
VICWarragulBuln Buln Camp Hill Darnum Drouin Neerim South Rokeby Wagners Warragul South Warragul West2320Fixed Wireless42370
VICWheelers HillGlen Waverley Notting Hill Wheelers Hill15600HFCH1-2016
VICWheelers HillMulgrave Notting Hill Wheelers Hill Glen Waverley1200FTTNH1-2018
VICWinchelseaWinchelsea260Fixed WirelessH1-2017
VICWindsorPrahran South Yarra Toorak Windsor29900HFCH1-2018
VICWallanHeathcote Junction Wallan Wandong4700FTTN42309
VICWallanBeveridge East Darraweit Guim Kalkallo Upper Plenty South Whittlesea North Yan Yean North1210Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
VICWonthaggiCape Paterson Dalyston North Wonthaggi South Dudley Wonthaggi7000FTTN42430
VICWoori YallockLaunching Place Seville East Woori Yallock1800FTTNQ3-2016
VICWhittleseaEden Park Whittlesea2400FTTN42339
VICYarra GlenYarra Glen1000FTTNQ3-2016
VICYarrawonga-MulwalaMulwala Yarrawonga5900FTTNH1-2017
WAAlbanyAlbany290Fixed Wireless42430
WAAlbanyAlbany Bayonet Head Big Grove Centennial Park Collingwood Heights Collingwood Park Emu Point Gledhow Lange Little Grove Lockyer Lower King McKail Middleton Beach Milpara Mira Mar Mount Clarence Mount Melville Orana Robinson Spencer Park Torndirrup Walmsley Warrenup Yakamia16500FTTNQ1-2017
WAApplecrossBateman Bull Creek Leeming Murdoch North Lake Winthrop11100HFCH1-2016
WAArmadaleArmadale Bedfordale Brookdale Byford Darling Downs Forrestdale Harrisdale Haynes Hilbert Mount Nasura Mount Richon Piara Waters Seville Grove Wungong22000FTTP, FTTNQ2-2016
WAArmadaleDarling Downs Forrestdale Hilbert Oakford Wandi Wandi North1180Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
WAAscotAscot Belmont Cloverdale Kewdale Perth Airport Redcliffe Rivervale15500FTTNQ1-2017
WAAustralindAustralind Leschenault Roelands6800FTTNQ4-2016
WABridgetownKirup90Fixed WirelessQ4-2016
WABakers HillRolling Green Rolling Green North Wooroloo East Wooroloo West Wundowie West740Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
WABrooktonBrookton130Fixed WirelessQ4-2016
WABunburyBunbury Carey Park College Grove Davenport East Bunbury Eaton Gelorup Glen Iris Millbridge Pelican Point South Bunbury Usher Vittoria Withers25700FTTN42309
WABroomeBilingurr Broome Cable Beach Djugun Minyirr7000FTTNQ3-2016
WABassendeanAshfield Bassendean Beechboro Caversham Eden Hill Guildford Kiara Lockridge Morley South Guildford21600FTTNQ4-2016
WABusseltonYallingup East260Fixed Wireless42370
WABusseltonAbbey Bovell Broadwater Busselton Geographe Marybrook Vasse West Busselton Yalyalup11500FTTN42430
WACanningtonBeckenham Bentley Cannington East Cannington Karawara Queens Park St James Waterford Welshpool Wilson17800FTTN42309
WASouth CoogeeBertram Calista Casuarina Hope Valley Kwinana Town Centre Leda Medina Naval Base Orelia Parmelia The Spectacles Wattleup Wellard13600FTTNQ2-2016
WACanning ValeCanning Vale Gosnells Huntingdale Martin Southern River27600FTTNH2-2017
WACollieCollie290Fixed Wireless42309
WACollieAllanson Collie3600FTTNQ2-2016
WACowaramupCowaramup Gracetown1000FTTNQ3-2016
WACapelCapel Peppermint Grove Beach1500FTTNQ2-2016
WACottesloeClaremont Cottesloe Karrakatta Mosman Park Mount Claremont Peppermint Grove Swanbourne13700HFCH2-2016
WACarnarvonBrockman Brown Range Carnarvon East Carnarvon Greys Plain Kingsford Morgantown South Carnarvon2400FTTNH2-2017
WADunsboroughDunsborough North Dunsborough South Yallingup Yallingup Siding800Fixed Wireless42248
WADunsboroughDunsborough Eagle Bay Quindalup4700FTTNQ2-2016
WADoubleviewChurchlands Doubleview Gwelup Herdsman Innaloo Karrinyup Stirling Wembley Downs Woodlands16600FTTN42309
WADongaraDongara Port Denison2400FTTN42370
WADongaraDongara Milo Mingenew520Fixed WirelessH1-2018
WADenmarkHazelvale Peaceful Bay230Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
WADenmarkDenmark Ocean Beach2000FTTNQ3-2016
WADonnybrookYabberup100Fixed WirelessQ4-2016
WAEllenbrookBullsbrook Bullsbrook East Bullsbrook North Bullsbrook West Dayton East Baskerville Hazelmere Herne Hill Lower Chittering Millendon Hill South South Chittering Upper Swan2810Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
WAEllenbrookAveley Belhus The Vines Upper Swan3100FTTNH1-2018
WAEsperanceCastletown Chadwick Esperance Nulsen Sinclair West Beach5600FTTNQ3-2016
WAGirrawheenAlexander Heights Ballajura Greenwood Marangaroo Mirrabooka14700HFCH1-2017
WAGirrawheenBalga Girrawheen Koondoola Malaga11700FTTNH2-2017
WAHamersleyCarine Duncraig Sorrento Watermans Bay7800HFCH2-2017
WAHamersleyCarine Duncraig Greenwood Hamersley Karrinyup Marmion North Beach Sorrento Trigg Warwick13900FTTNH1-2018
WAHerronBouvard Dawesville Erskine Falcon Halls Head Wannanup14400FTTNQ2-2016
WAHiltonBeaconsfield Coolbellup Fremantle Hamilton Hill Hilton Kardinya North Coogee North Fremantle North Lake O'Connor Samson South Fremantle White Gum Valley Willagee29200FTTNQ3-2016
WAHarveyKorijekup470Fixed Wireless42430
WAJoondalupConnolly Joondalup Ocean Reef5300HFCH1-2016
WAJoondalupBurns Beach Currambine Iluka Joondalup Kinross9900FTTNH1-2017
WAJandakot SouthBibra Lake South Lake Yangebup5200HFCH1-2016
WAJandakot SouthAtwell Aubin Grove Banjup Beeliar Cockburn Central Hammond Park Henderson Jandakot Munster Success Wandi16900FTTNH1-2017
WAJurienJurien Bay130Fixed Wireless42430
WAJurienJurien Bay1700FTTP, FTTNQ2-2016
WAKarrathaBaynton Bulgarra Gap Ridge Karratha Karratha Industrial Estate Millars Well Mulataga Nickol Pegs Creek Stove Hill7200FTTNQ4-2016
WAKalamundaBickley Pickering Brook330Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
WAKalamundaBickley Carmel Gooseberry Hill Kalamunda Lesmurdie Piesse Brook Walliston8000FTTNH1-2018
WAKambalda WestKambalda East Kambalda West1300FTTNH1-2017
WAKelmscottCamillo Champion Lakes Kelmscott Mount Nasura Roleystone Seville Grove10400FTTNQ3-2016
WAKalgoorlie-BoulderBoulder Broadwood Hannans Kalgoorlie Karlkurla Lamington Mullingar Piccadilly Somerville South Boulder South Kalgoorlie Victory Heights West Lamington Williamstown14100FTTNQ4-2016
WAKingsleyDarch Edgewater Landsdale Madeley9900FTTNQ2-2016
WAKingsleyKingsley Woodvale7500HFCH1-2017
WALeemanGreen Head Leeman900FTTNQ3-2016
WALancelinLancelin Ledge Point1500FTTNQ3-2016
WALower Chittering ValleyBullsbrook Muchea1100FTTNH1-2018
WAMount BarkerFrankland River Kendenup East Tenterden East270Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
WAMount BarkerMount Barker1000FTTNQ4-2016
WAMidlandJane Brook Middle Swan Red Hill Stratton Swan View6400FTTNH2-2018
WAMerredinMerredin120Fixed Wireless42248
WAMundijongBaldivis Baldivis South Cardup Karnup South Mardella South Mundijong Wellard1860Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
WAMundijongCardup Jarrahdale Mundijong Serpentine1200FTTNH2-2017
WAMaida ValeBellevue Boya Darlington Gooseberry Hill Greenmount Hazelmere Helena Valley High Wycombe Koongamia Maida Vale Midland Midvale Swan View Viveash Woodbridge20300FTTNQ4-2016
WAMundaringBailup Chidlow East Chidlow North Gidgegannup Glen Forrest Parkerville North Sawyers Valley South Stoneville1890Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
WAMundaringChidlow Glen Forrest Mahogany Creek Mount Helena Mundaring Parkerville Sawyers Valley Stoneville5500FTTNH2-2018
WAMandurahBarragup Coodanup Dudley Park Erskine Furnissdale Greenfields Halls Head Mandurah Silver Sands4600FTTP42248
WAMullalooBeldon Craigie Heathridge Hillarys Kallaroo Mullaloo Ocean Reef Padbury19300HFCH1-2017
WAMyalupBinningup Myalup1000FTTNQ2-2016
WAMargaret RiverBurnside Margaret River South280Fixed Wireless42309
WAMargaret RiverMargaret River Witchcliffe3700FTTNQ4-2016
WANannupNannup180Fixed WirelessQ3-2016
WANarroginBoddington Hedges350Fixed Wireless42248
WANorthamNortham150Fixed Wireless42278
WAPort HedlandPort Hedland South Hedland Wedgefield7200FTTNQ1-2017
WAPierEast Perth Highgate Mount Lawley North Perth Northbridge Perth West Perth23600FTTNQ4-2016
WAPembertonPemberton150Fixed WirelessH1-2018
WAPalmyraAlfred Cove Attadale Bicton Booragoon East Fremantle Melville Myaree Palmyra18600FTTNH1-2017
WAPinjarraDwellingup Lakelands Parklands Pinjarra East520Fixed Wireless42370
WAPreston BeachPreston Beach380Fixed WirelessH1-2018
WAQuinns RocksButler Carabooda Clarkson Jindalee Merriwa Mindarie Quinns Rocks Ridgewood Tamala Park20700FTTP, FTTN42430
WAQuinns RocksCarabooda Neerabup West230Fixed WirelessQ1-2017
WARivertonFerndale Lynwood Parkwood Riverton Rossmoyne Shelley Willetton16500FTTNH2-2017
WARockinghamCooloongup East Rockingham Hillman Peron Rockingham Safety Bay Shoalwater Waikiki22600FTTN42401
WAScarboroughScarborough Wembley Downs6600FTTNH2-2018
WASouthern CrossSouthern Cross600FTTNH2-2017
WASecret HarbourKarnup Lakelands Port Kennedy Secret Harbour Warnbro14700FTTNH2-2018
WASpearwoodBibra Lake Coogee Hamilton Hill Munster North Coogee Spearwood11200FTTNQ1-2017
WASouth PerthComo2500HFCH2-2016
WASubiacoCrawley Daglish Dalkeith Jolimont Nedlands Shenton Park Subiaco West Leederville15500HFCH2-2016
WAToodyayBindoon Bindoon South Chittering North Coondle Coondle West Gingin Gingin Town Toodyay Toodyay South Toodyay West1840Fixed Wireless42309
WAToodyayDumbarton Toodyay800FTTNQ4-2016
WATom PriceTom Price1300FTTNH2-2017
WATuart HillBalcatta Balga Nollamara Stirling Tuart Hill Westminster Yokine22700FTTNH2-2018
WAWannerooAshby Banksia Grove Carramar Gnangara Hocking Jandabup Mariginiup Neerabup Pearsall Sinagra Tapping Wangara Wanneroo21400FTTNH2-2017
WAWoodridge EstateGabbadah Guilderton Seabird Woodridge1100FTTNQ3-2016
WAWickhamPoint Samson Wickham1200FTTNH1-2017
WAWembleyChurchlands Floreat Herdsman Jolimont Wembley7900HFCH2-2017
WAWongan HillsDalwallinu350Fixed Wireless42309
WAWongan HillsWongan Hills600FTTNQ4-2016
WAYanchepTwo Rocks Yanchep3600FTTNH2-2017
WAYunderupNorth Yunderup South Yunderup1900FTTNH2-2018