innoTel’s Business Phone plans utilise the Public Switched Telephone Network, otherwise known as PSTN or landlines to provide traditional phone services nationally across Australia and are great for home offices, small business and retail outlets. Business lines are typically used as standard phone services, fax lines and for EFTPOS machines.

Switching your Business Phone service to innoTel is a simple and seamless process, with little to no interruption and you can bring your current phone number.

Business Phone Plans

Business Basic PSTN

Basic Line Rental
Plus Calls
  • Line Rental
  • Local Calls
    20c p/call
  • National Calls
    15c p/min
  • Calls to Australian Mobiles
    30c p/min
  • Calls to 13/1300
    40c p/call
  • Flag Fall
  • Contract Options
    Month to Month
  • Per Month


Business Phone Features

Included Features:
  • Call Forward – Immediate, Busy or No Answer
    Call Forward transfers calls from your Business phone to a number you choose.
  • Call Return
    Allows you to return missed calls easily.
  • Call Waiting
    Know when someone’s calling while you’re already on the phone – and switch calls if needed.
  • Call Back Busy
    When the person you’re calling is already on the phone.
  • Three Way Chat
    Add a third person to your phone conversation.
  • Outgoing Caller ID
    Choose to present or hide your phone number to the person you’re calling.
Optional Features:
  • Voicemail:
    An answering machine with remote access; $6.50 per month.
  • Calling Number Display
    See the phone number of incoming calls if the caller hasn’t blocked their Outgoing Caller ID $.506 per month.
  • Line Hunt
    Advertise one phone number and as calls come in, Line Hunt automatically finds the next free line and connects them; $5.00 per line, per month
  • Duet Phone
    Set up a separate fax line on your existing phone service. You’ll get a dedicated line for incoming and outgoing faxes with its own distinct number – but without the cost of a second phone line; $10.00 per month
  • Call Control
    Call Control lets you bar certain types of outgoing calls (e.g. STD, international) so that you can control your call costs; $4.00 per month

International IDD Calls Rates

Do you make calls overseas? Take a look at our International IDD Call Rates.


What will happen to my PSTN phone line when nbn™ comes to my area?

PSTN lines will be phased out in areas where the nbn™ are rolling out Fixed Line services. When it comes time to make the move, an innoTel team member will be in contact with you and will manage the transition so your business doesn’t miss a beat.