Supercharge your business internet connection with Fibre1000; a cost-effective, enterprise-grade fibre internet connection with symmetrical 1Gbps (1000Mbps) speeds and unlimited data.

Fibre1000 internet connections suit businesses who need the additional speed and throughput not available with other business internet connections and services are available in major cities around Australia.

Speed and Reliability is the aim of the game. 1000Mpbs of guaranteed speed coupled with a 99.95% availability Service Level Agreement (SLA). It’s also flexible with multiple configuration options.


Fibre1000 Pricing

Available from $699.00 (inc GST) per month, innoTel can customize a Fibre1000 package to suit your needs. Register your interest to find out more.

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Configuration Options

Fibre1000 is also configurable. You can choose to allocate the full 1Gpbs (1000Mbps) to an Internet connection, or divide up the available bandwidth across multiple services such as point to point connectivity, VPN, AWS connectivity and also standard unlimited internet.

Standard Configuration – Internet OnlyCustom Configuration – up to 4 services
Fibre1000 Standard ConfigurationFibre1000 Custom Configuration



You’ll need two pieces of equipment to take advantage of Fibre1000.

Network Termination Unit (NTU)Customer Router
A Network Termination Unit (NTU) will be installed at the customer premise during the installation of the service. The NTU is provided to the customer and included with service. The NTU has four (4) customer facing ports, each capable of supporting one service.A separate router is required and can either be supplied by the customer or innoTel can provide a quote on an appropriate router for the service. We can recommend a selection of routers to ensure you are able to take full advantage of a Fibre1000 service – not all routers are created equal.


Fibre1000 Specifications

AvailabilityOn-Net buildings subject to Service Qualification (excludes Data Centres)
Access NetworkFibre (MetroEthernet)
Access TypeMulti-Service
Number of Services SupportedMinimum 1, Maximum 4
Services Available / Supported Included:
Unlimited Internet – IP-Line with unlimited data and a Static IP Address
Ethernet VPN – e-LAN
Ethernet Line – e-Line (v3)
SIP Trunking
BandwidthAggregate: 1000Mbps (subject to CPE compatibility)
Per service: valid service bandwidths up to 1000Mbps
Note: services are provisioned at the ordered bandwidth and cannot burst.
Changes to speeds need to be carried out via an upgrade or downgrade.
Network Termination Unit (NTU)An NTU will be providedwith 4 customer-facing 10/100/1000-BASE-T ports. Dimensions: 250mm x 180mm x 43.6mm. Power: 240 vAC @ 11.5W
RouterManaged Router options exist for IP-Line and IP-VPN or customer can provide and manage their own router or purchase a suitable unit through innoTel
Service Level Agreement99.95% availability SLA backed by Outage Restoration targets and rebates
Contract Terms24 Months, 36 Months, or 48 months
Technical Support24/7, 365 days per year
Business SizeSmall, Medium and Large business

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