Note: This product has been retired and the following exists for historical purposes.

innoTel NakedDSL Broadband ADSL2+ is ideal of businesses looking to make the move to VoIP telephony and do not require a landline telephone that is required with standard Broadband ADSL2+ services.

NakedDSL is almost identical to traditional Broadband services which uses the PSTN phone network to deliver speeds of up to 20Mbps, with the exception being no voice/phone line and number of provided with NakedDSL, leaving you with just the service you need; Broadband.

Need a dedicated VoIP only broadband connection?

NakedDSL is ideal as a dedicated Broadband service for VoIP services. Depending on your broadband throughput and speed, you can run up to 20 VoIP lines using a NakedDSL service, depending on your call patterns, making it a cost-effective broadband service for VoIP only.

innoTel has a great range of Business Broadband ADSL2+ Modem/Routers for all types of businesses.

NakedDSL is only available in selected telephone exchanges around Australia, predominately in metro areas and some regional locations. Call innoTel today to find out if you can get NakedDSL at your premise.