To make it easy to find what you’re looking for, we’ve put all of our policies, legal & regulatory information, customer terms and agreements in one place.

General Policies and Agreements

Standard Form of Agreement

Our Standard Form of Agreement (SFOA) defines the terms and conditions between innoTel and our customers.

Standard Form of Agreement (PDF, 385K)

Schedule of Fees and Charges

The Schedule of Fees and Charges outline the additional account fees that may be applied to a customers account, in addition to regular plan fees, call charges and overage charges.

Schedule of Fees and Charges (PDF, 90K)

Acceptable Usage Policy

The Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) applies to all customers who use innoTel’s services. The AUP sets out the rules by which our services defined by, including the permitted and prohibited uses of those services, and your responsibilities with respect to those services.

Acceptable Usage Policy (PDF, 62K)

Privacy Statement

innoTel are committed to protecting your personal information. Our Privacy Statement explains how innoTel collect, hold, use and share your personal and company information.

Privacy Statement (PDF, 63K)

Customer Service Guarantee Waiver

innoTel Customer Service Guarantee Waiver.

Customer Service Guarantee Waiver (PDF, 57K)

Customer Service & Billing Policies

Complaint Handling Process

The Complaint Handling Process document outlines the method we use when handling enquiries and complaints.

Complaint Handling Process (PDF, 64K)

Billing & Payments Information

Find out how and when we bill you, when your bill is due and the types of charges you can expect from us.

Billing & Payments Information (PDF, 71K)

Financial Hardship Policy

If you’re having difficulty paying your invoice due to unforeseen financial issues, our Financial Hardship Policy outlines the steps you can take for assistance.

Financial Hardship Policy (PDF, 54K)

Refund and Credit Policy

Our Refund and Credit Policy provides a guide on how to resolve Refunds and Credits with innoTel where applicable.

Refund and Credit Policy (PDF, 67K)

Managing your Spend

This document offers information on the tools and resources available to you to help you manage your spend with innoTel.

Managing your Spend Information (PDF, 63K)

Pro Rated Billing Explained

Our guide on understanding how Pro-Rated Billing works and how it affects your first bill.

Pro Rated Billing Explained (PDF, 60K)

Service Related Policies & Information

Information About Our Services

Our Information About Our Services document will assist you with the use of our services, particularly mobile services.

  Information About Our Services (PDF, 67K)

Toll Fraud Minimisation

Our Toll Fraud Minimisation document helps you understand the risks associated with telephone systems including PBXs.

Toll Fraud Minimisation (PDF, 67K)

Warranty & Delivery Policies

Warranty Information Statement

If you’ve bought hardware from us, our Warranty Information Statement outlines what warranty period you will receive for each hardware item we offer, how to make a claim etc.

Warranty Information Statement (PDF, 59K)

Delivery Policy

Our Delivery Policy provides a guide on our delivery methods, time-frames and other information regarding the delivery of goods to customers.

Delivery Policy (PDF, 55K)

Other Information

Protecting Our Customers (by Communications Alliance)

The Protecting our Customers brochure published by the Communications Alliance giving an overview of The Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code and how it Protects Our Customers.

Protecting Our Customers (external link) (PDF, 151K)

Networks We Use

Our Networks We Use document outlines the carriers and providers (networks) we use to provide our services.

Networks We Use (PDF, 55K)