How can a Content Delivery Network (CDN) help my business?

A CDN brings your website closer to your customers, helping your website load faster. Websites that load faster keep visitors engaged and on your website longer reducing the frustration of a slow loading website.


How does a CDN work?

A CDN, when setup correctly, takes copies of your website’s content and images and distributes this to 40 Points of Presence worldwide. When someone visits your website, they’ll be drawing the content and images from a server that is closest to the, whether that be on the other side of the country or the world.

For example, Sam runs an ecommerce website that services the Asia Pacific region with his website hosted in Sydney. Without a CDN, Sam’s customers in Hong Kong will be accessing his website hosted in Sydney, traversing across a number of internet networks, some which might be slow, result in a slow and poor experience when browsing Sam’s website

With a CDN, now when Sam’s customers in Hong Kong visit his website, they’ll be accessing the content and images from a local server, making it much faster to load these resources and give Sam’s customer’s a better overall experience.

My website is hosted in Australia and so are my customers, can I still benefit from a CDN?
Absolutely! Complimenting our global network, our Content Delivery Network spans the five most populous cities in Australia, meaning you can take your website even closer to your customers for a superior end-user experience.


Is a CDN easy to setup with my website?

Our CDN will work with almost any website. We can assist you in setting up your website with the innoTel CDN device to ensure it performs correctly and you see the benefits from the service.

How do I keep track of my usage?

You can manage your CDN and view statistics, including usage through the innoTel customer toolbox. We also show you where, when and how your content is being accessed.