We’ve made improvements in how we interact with customers for certain transactions to help protect your innoTel account. This new process is designed to ensure we’re speaking with the right person before

When you contact innoTel or when we contact you, there will be an additional step when verifying your identity:

The first step verifies the personal or account information we have on file for you. We’ll ask you several questions and expect that the answers match the information we have on file.

The second, additional step using Multi-Factor Authentication using a code we will send to the primary account holder’s mobile and ask you to confirm this code with us.

Should you fail to complete either of these steps, innoTel will cease the conversation immediately.

This additional step ensures that we maintain the highest level of security for your account and associated services and reduce the possibility of services being transferred away or changes made to your account, which may subsequently be used in scams or identity fraud.

The types of transactions the additional step will be used for are primarily high-risk or high-value transactions, however, we may use this process to further satisfy your identity.