This page contains a list of current and archived Critical Information Summaries (CIS) of innoTel’s plans and offers. In addition to this list, the relevant Critical Information Summary is linked to where a plan or offer is advertised to make it easy for you to find this information.

Critical Information Summaries

PlanService TypeLink to CIS
Biz Broadband ADSL 200GBADSL Broadband Biz Broadband ADSL 200GB CIS
Biz Broadband ADSL 500GBADSL Broadband Biz Broadband ADSL 500GB CIS
Biz Broadband ADSL Unlimited DataADSL Broadband Biz Broadband ADSL Unlimited Data CIS
Business Basic PSTNPhone (PSTN) Business Basic PSTN CIS
Business Smart PSTNPhone (PSTN) Business Smart PSTN CIS
Business Premium PSTNPhone (PSTN) Business Premium PSTN CIS
Biz Bundle ADSL 200GBBundle (PSTN & ADSL) Biz Bundle ADSL 200GB CIS
Biz Bundle ADSL 500GBBundle (PSTN & ADSL) Biz Bundle ADSL 500GB CIS
Biz Bundle ADSL Unlimited DataBundle (PSTN & ADSL) Biz Bundle ADSL Unlimited Data CIS
NBN Broadband 200GBNBN Broadband NBN Broadband 200GB CIS
NBN Broadband 500GBNBN Broadband NBN Broadband 500GB CIS
NBN Broadband Unlimited DataNBN Broadband NBN Broadband Unlimited Data CIS
NBN Bundle Unlimited 12-1Bundle (NBN & VoIP) NBN Bundle Unlimited 12-1 CIS
NBN Bundle Unlimited 25-5Bundle (NBN & VoIP) NBN Bundle Unlimited 25-5 CIS
NBN Bundle Unlimited 100-40Bundle (NBN & VoIP) NBN Bundle Unlimited 100-40 CIS
Inbound (1300 & 1800)Inbound Service Inbound 1300 & 1800 CIS

Archived Critical Information Summaries

Critical Information Summaries may be archived if the plan or offer is no longer available for sale. Archived Critical Information Summaries are listed here to ensure customers who remain on these plans and offers have access to this information when required.

There are currently no archived Critical Information Summaries.