Do business anywhere.

We help keep you connected when you're on the road, whether you’re visiting clients, in-between meetings or working from home. Mobile Broadband provides you with wireless 3G/4G access to your emails and the internet when you need to be connected outside the office.

Mobile Broadband is suitable for laptops and tablets or use multiple devices on the run with a MiFi device. Choose from our range of plans and a range of devices to enhance your mobile broadband experience.

The easiest way for occasional access to the internet, innoTel have partnered with all three major mobile networks in Australia to ensure you’re given the best coverage options available to you.


Mobile Broadband Plans

innoTel has a range of mobile data plans across major mobile networks. Contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can help.


Mobile Broadband Features

Great Coverage
Great Range of Devices
Connect on the Go

Mobile Broadband Devices

The following device types are available through innoTel.

SIM Only
Have a tablet, or a 4G/3G compatible device? Then all you’ll need is a SIM card. Whether you need a Standard, Micro or Nano SIM card, just bring your own device and we’ve got you covered!
MiFi (Personal WiFi)
Connect 5-10 devices like laptops, tablets and phones and share your service. A pocket sized device that allows you to connect a handful of devices to the internet at the same time
Dongle / USB Stick
Use your service with a laptop, or also works well in conjunction with some broadband routers as a backup internet link.

Note: pictures may not represent actual model available or supplied.