innoTel’s nbn™ Phone service is a great replacement for traditional phone lines. Utilising state-of-the-art VoIP technology, you’ll get access to more flexible and feature rich phone service.

After the nbn™ becomes available in your area, you’ll have 18-months in which to make the switch from your current copper phone line to an nbn™ service. This includes both broadband and phone services.

innoTel can supply you with a capable Modem/Router that allows you to use an nbn™ phone service, just as you would with a normal landline. innoTel also have a great range of handsets for your nbn™ phone service.

nbn™ Phone plans comes with a range of call inclusions and are packed with great features.


nbn™ Phone Features

innoTel’s nbn™ Phone plans are feature rich and offer features never seen before on traditional copper phone services.

  • Voicemail & Voicemail to Email;
  • Call Waiting, Hold and Transfer;
  • Just to name a few!


Need a Fax Line?

Sending Faxes via VoIP can be a bit hit and miss.

Instead of dealing with the frustration of is sometimes working and sometimes not working, swap your old Fax line for a Virtual Fax Service and have your Faxes delivered right to your email. You can even in most cases port your old fax number and use it with our Virtual Fax Service so you won’t miss a beat!