The NBN and HICAPS Terminals

The NBN and HICAPSIf you are a Health Care provider, you’ll no doubt be aware of HICAPS, or the Health Industry Claims and Payments Service. Health Care providers will better know HICAPS as the terminal they used to process their client payments and claims with heath funds. In this post, we discuss the NBN and HICAPS and what you might need to do to get ready before making the switch to NBN.

As with most systems like HICAPS, EFTPOS terminals and other systems like Fax Machines, the NBN may greatly affect your ability to use those systems if they use the telephone network. to communicate.

If your business is thinking about making the move to the National Broadband Network (NBN) and you have a HICAPS terminal, you’ll need to ensure your terminal will work when you switch over to the NBN.

The NBN and HICAPS – why the concern?

Depending on the type of NBN service available to you, once installed you may lose some of your existing communications services including PSTN phone lines. Older HICAPS terminals utilise the standard telephone network, or PSTN in industry speak to process transactions. In some areas, the NBN will be decommissioning the PSTN network leaving some businesses with a decision to make out their phone lines and other technology connected to them.

If your phone services are ISDN lines, then there is no need for immediate concern. Your old terminal will continue to function in this case, however it’s always worth swapping out to a new HICAPS terminal to ensure you have the latest features.

What do I need to do?

There’s no need to be too concerned as it appears HICAPS are on the front-foot and have started to swap out older terminals for units that will support life after the switch to the NBN. You simply need to contact HICAPS and request

You may need to consider other changes with regards to your HICAPS terminal. The HICAPS website contains more information on what you might need to do when changing over to the NBN.

The other advantages of moving to the NBN.

Along with upgrading your HICAPS terminal, moving to the NBN also gives you access to new services that might offer a health care provider greater business efficiency, like a Cloud Phone System or Online Backup service to ensure your business better communicates with your customers and your business is protected from data loss.

innoTel has a great range of cloud communication services that are designed to work over the NBN.

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