SIP Trunks provide a flexible and cost-effective communication option for any business wanting to increase efficiency and decrease communication costs.

innoTel’s SIP Trunk service is enterprise grade, highly scalable and easily connect to an IP PBX or a VoIP Gateway to support legacy PABXs. innoTel’s SIP Trunking service can be configured to support as many channels as you need and support all major PBX brands.


Talk to innoTel today about your SIP Trunking needs, advice on how to integrate a SIP Trunk into your existing PABX or replacing your current PABX to leverage the advantages of an IP PBX


Want to save money over legacy ISDN10/20/30 services?

SIP Trunks are an ideal replacement for ISDN services and can be integrated in to most existing PABXs if you want to minimise your capital investment purchasing new hardware.

Some newer PABXs can integrate with SIP Trunks natively, while legacy PABXs may require a VoIP Gateway which can be supplied with the service through innoTel – talk to us today to find out more about taking advantage of SIP Trunks with your current phone system.


SIP Trunks are the ISDN of the VoIP world

To ensure a high quality of voice calls, combine an innoTel SIP Trunk with its own dedicated Business Ethernet service. A dedicated Business Ethernet service ensures that the quality of your voice calls isn’t affected by employees downloading large files.


Looking to replace your current phone system?

You’ve got a few choices;

Onsite IP PBX

If you like the idea of having a phone system on-site, there are a number of IP PBX systems that can be deployed with a minimum of fuss. You have the option of moving to an IP PBX to leverage the benefits and features SIP Trunks bring, or a Hybrid PBX with the flexibility of connecting via both SIP Trunks/VoIP or legacy ISDN services, giving you a redundancy option if required.

Cloud / Hosted PBX

Becoming more common, a Cloud PBX or Hosted PBX is hosted within innoTel’s network and reduces the capital outlay and maintenance on an in-house PABX. Hosted in the cloud and accessible anywhere there is an Internet connection, it offers the greatest flexibility of all Business VoIP options. Great for businesses that have remote employees, or multiple offices where you now no longer need to purchase multiple PABXs for each site.


What is a VoIP Gateway and do I need one?

VoIP Gateways allow legacy PABXs, which are not IP compatible, to take advantage of the features and benefits of SIP Trunking, without replacing your phone system and handsets.

The VoIP Gateway sites between your existing PABX and your router connecting you to the Internet and turns analogue calls into SIP packets ready to be transmitted across the Internet as VoIP.