innoTel's Small Business Broadband and Phone Bundles brings both your phone and broadband services into one easy and cost effective plan for your business. Small Business Broadband and Phone Bundles offer the best value for SoHo’s and Small Businesses.

Choose from a range of Small Business Broadband and Phone Bundles with different call inclusions and monthly data allowances. All of our Small Business Broadband and Phone Bundles include a PSTN phone line and an ADSL2+ Broadband service.

Small Business Broadband and Phone Bundles

Biz Bundle ADSL2+ Unlimited

UnlimitedMonthly Data Allowance
  • Line Rental
  • Local & National Calls
  • Calls to Mobiles
    30c p/min
  • Calls to 13/1300
    40c p/call
  • Flag Fall
  • Broadband Speed
    Up to ADSL2+
  • Contract Options
    1-Month term: $199.00
    12-Month term: $99.00
    24-Month term: $0.00
  • Excess Charges
  • IP Address
    1 Static IP Address (IPV4)
  • Cost per MB
  • Per Month

Set-up/Connection Fees

Contract Term24-Months
Setup / Connection Fee$49.00

Call Pack Addons

Included Calls to Australian Mobiles

Need included mobile calls too? Our Included Mobile Call Pack takes care of that!



Small Business Broadband and Phone Hardware

Netcomm NF10WV

VDSL / ADSL WiFi (N300) Gateway with VoIP. Features 4-port Switch (10/100), Gigabit WAN, N300 Wi-Fi and suitable for all current nbntm types. No need to buy a new modem when you upgrade to an nbntm connection.

Netcomm NF10WV$129.00
plus $19.95 delivery fee

Netcomm NB604N

Entry level modem / router for ADSL2+ connections with 4-Port Switch and Wi-Fi. Note: Suitable for Broadband ADSL/ADSL2+ connections only.

Netcomm NB604N$89.00
plus $19.95 delivery fee

Bring Your Own (BYO) Modem

Use your existing, compatible Broadband ADSL/ADSL2+ modem / router. Note: Support is limited for BYO modems.

Bring your own Modem$0.00


Upgrade at any time

Your Small Business Broadband and Phone Bundle should grow as your business grows and it should be simple, so we don't charge an upgrade fee when you want to move plans.

Additional Phone Lines?

Need an additional Phone line? Simply add an additional business phone plan to your account.

Business Broadband ADSL2+ Modem / Routers

It's always good practice to update your Broadband ADSL2+ Modem/Router every few years to take advantage of new features and technology.


Internet Backup Protection

Let's face it, technology isn't perfect. Remember that time when you were in the middle of sending that important email? or downloading the latest report? and the internet was too slow or not working altogether?

innoTel offers an Internet Backup Protection upgrade on its range of Small Business Broadband and Phone Bundles, which connects you via the 4G mobile network when you're fixed Broadband service is unavailable.