Note: This product has been retired and the following exists for historical purposes.

ISDN2 is a digital telephone service that replaces your standard analogue telephone line. With an ISDN2 service, you get two digital phone lines and two telephone numbers, great for businesses with a phone and fax, or phone and EFTPOS line; It was designed with small businesses in mind!

With an end to end digital connection, you can expect high reliability and clear voice calls through direct digital connection to your nearest exchange.

ISDN2 can also grow as your business grows, with the ability to add additional ISDN services to scale slowly, or if you need to scale fast, moving to an ISDN 10/20/30 service offer further scalability by supporting ISDN lines in multiples of 10 lines


ISDN is an abbreviation for Integrated Services Digital Network and sometimes also called ISDN Basic Rate Access (BRA) services, was designed as an improvement over traditional analogue telephone lines, which only allows one line per copper pair, while ISDN offers multiple channels per line.


ISDN2 and the NBN

Want to keep your phone service when the NBN is rolled out in your area?

ISDN2 services have begun being switched off across Australia. Consider VoIP alternatives including our Hosted PBX service or SIP Trunks as an option.

Don’t miss another call

ISDN services also come with the Line Hunt feature, so no matter how many lines or services your add, you can always ensure your callers reach the next available phone waiting to take a call.

Need more channels or lines?

You’ve got some options when it comes to ISDN. You can keep adding ISDN2 services, however at some point moving to an ISDN10/20/30 service will become more cost effective for your business. Talk to innoTel about your requirements and we’ll determine what will best fit your needs now and into the future.

Inbound Services

Why not pair your ISDN2 service with a 1300 Inbound Service? ISDN and Inbound Services are a great match and can make your small business look more professional to your customers.