Teleconferencing, otherwise known as Audio Conferencing allows two or more people to talk in real-time as if they were in a room together, no matter where they are; in a different office, city, or on the go. Conference rooms can accommodate large numbers of participants making it easy to meet with large groups quickly and easily.

There are many advantages teleconferencing brings to  businesses, benefiting with a more efficient method of working and communicating with your colleagues with the ability to meet quickly, without the time and cost of travel. As businesses grow and team members get busier, travelling to different locations is not always practical and time efficient.

You can use conference rooms for a wide variety of uses including team meetings, company announcements and meetings with a number of external parties.

Teleconferences are simple to organise and can be recorded for play back at a later date, assisting with minute notation. You can set-up conference rooms on-demand, for specific events at a date/time or conference rooms that are ready and available at any time of the day.


Teleconferencing Features:

  • Set up a conference room within minutes
  • Cost effective solution
  • Call from any phone
  • Meet easily with team members or external parties
  • Moderator controlled conference rooms
  • Conference call recordings
  • In conference features such as
    • Mute / Unmute participants
    • Volume control
    • Remove participants


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