A Hosted PBX, otherwise known as a Virtual Phone System is a service which gives you access to a phone system in the Cloud with all of the regular office-based phone system features, without the need for having an expensive phone system on-site. We host and manage the PBX within our data centre, so you don’t have to.

Use almost any device you want from Fixed VoIP desktop phones to a soft-phone on your computer or smart phone.

innoTel’s Hosted PBX pricing is designed for businesses who want to avoid high up-front costs; simply pay a monthly fee for the number of lines you require. Need new phone handsets? No problems, we can supply those too.


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Hosted PBX Features

innoTel’s offering gives you access to a range of business VoIP Features at no additional cost, including Voicemail with Voicemail to Email, Call Hold, Call Waiting, Call Transfer, Internal Extension dialling and Caller ID to name a few.


Scalable Phone System

There’s virtually no limit to how many extensions you can enable on our Hosted PBX platform. Start small and have peace of mind know you can grow as your business grows without forking out high costs early on for lines you won’t use for months.

Flexible Phone System

Add phone numbers as you need, reallocate them as employees come and go and be connected to the office even when you’re on the road. There’s a world of phone system flexibility out there that most businesses have yet to experience.

Multiple Locations

A Hosted PBX solution is great for businesses with multiple premises or locations. One Hosted PBX instance can support as many locations or premises required

  • Make inter-office communication easier with extension dialling between locations; no need to dial the full phone number of a colleague in another office.
  • Cut out inter-office costs with free calls between extensions on the same Hosted PBX instance.