Yealink CAM50 – IP Phone HD Camera Addon

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The Yealink CAM50 IP Phone Camera addon is a High Definition video camera with high quality that helps your Yealink T58V and T58A IP phones to turn into a real desktop video conferencing solution in seconds.

The Yealink CAM50 IP Phone Camera, powered by 2M pixels and 720P resolution, grants you an interactive collaboration with top-notch video communications experience. No extra software or drivers are required; just insert the CAM50 camera to the USB port on the top of the T58V or T58A and the simple plug-and-play installation allows you to use the Yealink CAM50 camera right away.
Meanwhile, to fully protect personal privacy, a special privacy shutter is attached to let you switch the video on-off easily and for an improved user experience, you can adjust the camera angle forward and backwards.
Designed as your ideal office assistant, the Yealink CAM50  IP Phone Camera addon allows you to perfectly participant in video communications, immediately and effectively from your desktop phone.