Netcomm NF18MESH CloudMesh Gateway NBN Ready

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Netcomm NF18MESH

The Netcomm NF18MESH takes all the great features of the NF18ACV and adds the ability to create Mesh Wi-fi networks in your home or office, eliminating Wi-Fi dead spots and improving Wi-Fi speeds in your premise.


Mesh Enabled

The NF18MESH is a CloudMesh Gateway that will work wirelessly with the NS-01 CloudMesh Satellite, forming a single powerful Whole Home WiFi Mesh network with all the control and settings centralized on the Gateway. The Gateway becomes the WiFi Mesh master node with the WiFi client device roaming seamlessly between satellites and the gateway.


Made for NBN and UFB

Featuring VDSL2/ADSL2 technologies as well as a Gigabit WAN port, the NF18MESH is a 3-in-1 gateway that provides access to ADSL networks, VDSL and all NBN and UFB fibre network options: FTTN, FTTB, FTTH.


WIFI Autopilot Included

Every Netcomm NF18MESH Gateway includes the CloudMesh WiFi AutoPilot.

WiFi Auto-Pilot constantly scans and analyses the end-user WiFi environment. If any detrimental changes are detected, the AutoPilot will adjust the Gateway’s WiFi parameters. Any action taken is based on a patented and weighted algorithm ensuring that the internet connection experience is not compromised. It will ensure that every WiFi client device is connected on the best possible channel, using the fastest available band, at the perfect RF power level and at the closest WiFi access point.


Easy Pairing with CloudMesh Satellites

Zero-touch provisioning via a user-friendly cloud portal or in-home setup using WPS buttons significantly simplifies and speeds up pairing of Netcomm NF18MESHGateways with NS-01 Satellites. It’s a turnkey out-of-the-box solution bringing the best experience to end-users.


Parental Control

Control access for each family member, including filtering social platforms, video streaming and gaming. Restrict internet access based on time of day.


Intuitive User Experience

A new user interface offers effortless navigation and greater visibility into the home network for an improved customer experience including
features such as a Quick Start Wizard, and a map of connected devices helping end-users to identify connection issues faster and reduce the number and duration of calls to customer service.

The new web interface is smartphone friendly. End-users can scan the QR Code on the back of the gateway to join the WiFi network and access the web interface from any device using URL.