Small Business Solutions

Small Business Solutions are the core of our business, servicing a wide range of industry sectors and business sizes.

Whether you have simple phone and broadband needs, or require a solution that helps many staff communicate effectively with your customers, innoTel’s solutions are designed for each business and meets your requirements, while remaining cost effective giving you two less things to worry about as you grow and maintain your business. Read on below for why innoTel is best for small business.

Small Business Solutions

Not just another telco

  • We know small businesses rely on our expertise for the right solution; Having been in the industry for years and being a small business ourselves, we know what small businesses want when it comes to their telecommunication needs.
  • We know small businesses want a better deal; they’re tired of paying the higher prices for their phone and broadband services just because they’re a small business.
  • We know small businesses also what the right support if something does go amiss; like speaking to an Australian based call centre and to people who understand your business and care about what you do.
  • We know small businesses want choice and the ability to grow their communication needs as their business grows;  We utilise a wide range of carrier networks, including our own infrastructure, to deliver the right solution to you.

Cost effective solutions

Why pay more for for a service that doesn’t suit your exact requirements? There’s no secret that when you buy from larger companies that you get the same products and services that everyone else gets – is your business just like every other business? No? Then why settle for the same as everyone else or paying more for the same thing? Bigger isn’t always better.

Bringing good old fashioned service back to Australia

We think sending jobs off-shore does more harm that good, to both the service small businesses receive and the economy and job in Australia, so we’re bucking the trend with our No-Offshore Guarantee.

This means any time you speak to someone at innoTel, you will be guaranteed they’re in Australia, which helps the local economy keep ticking.