Not For Profit Solutions

Phone and Internet solutions for Not for Profit’s don’t differ a lot from small business solutions, but we do understand that for most Not for Profits, Registered Charities and Community groups, cost is a big concern when it comes to running their organisation and Not For Profit Solutions.

Not for Profits and community focused organisations do not want the headache and distraction that comes from poorly integrated solutions. What you really need is a solution that fits and works well with the way your organisation works. Every organisation needs to communicate with its clients, so reliable phone and broadband services are a must.

Read on for more about what innoTel’s Not For Profit Solutions can do for your Not for Profit or Registered Charity.

Not For Profit Solutions

Understand your issues

We understand that supporting your clients is your number one priority, so we think outside the box about how you could use technology to do what you do better. Whether it’s reducing cost, implementing new technology to keep in better touch with your clients or simply upgrading as your organisation grows, innoTel can help.

Cost effective

We understand the financial challenges a Not for Profit can face; funding isn’t always easy to come by and it’s generally not in surplus. Our solutions take this into consideration, however we’ll never compromise on quality. Talk to innoTel about how you could potentially spend less and get more with our Not For Profit Solutions.

No solution is too big or small

Whether you have multiple offices or sites, a mobile workforce or small office with one to two people, we tailor our solutions to your needs so you can rest easy knowing your communication services are designed for your organisation.

If you’re a not for profit or a registered charity, have a chat to us today about what innoTel’s Not For Profit Solutions could do for you.