Industry Solutions

Technology and the Internet continues to drive all sectors, including those in Industry related sectors. Old processes and machines are being thrown out in favor of more productive, automated technology and processes, reducing the time it takes to complete tasks and minimizing errors and issues. Our Industry Solutions can help businesses in these sectors.

Security is also becoming an important factor for industry related sectors as businesses adopt new technology at a rapid pace.

innoTel can help you scope and implement your Industry Solutions, no matter what vertical or sector your business is in.

Industry Solutions

Transport and Logistics

Fleet Management and asset tracking is becoming more important for the Transport and Logistics sector allowing businesses to measure key metrics and improve the their fleet distribution and operations.

Any vehicle including cars, vans, trucks and other vehicle assets can tracked live, showing their location in real-time on a map. Advanced options for fleet tracking include monitoring the route taken by the driver, the speed they travel at and other driver behavior, along with vehicle status information, such as fuel, engine hours and more.

Fleet tracking also aids as an Anti-Theft measure and makes theft recovery easier, improving your chances of recovering stolen vehicles.



Businesses with multiple locations and premises can easily improve their inter-site communication.

Virtual Private Network solutions allow for secure communication of information & data between all sites, which is separated from their internet connectivity. Virtual Private Networks allow networks in multiple sites to come together as if they were one, meaning a site in Melbourne can directly access any services in their Sydney site, without having to send data insecurely across the internet.

Improve communications with a cloud hosted phone system. People across multiple sites are easily accessible by dialing four-digit phone numbers (extensions) rather than full phone numbers. Calls are also free when calling between multiple site locations.


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