Education Solutions

innoTel is committed to helping educational institutions work more efficiently with its Education Solutions. Serving K-12 Educational institutions, innoTel can provide Phone, Internet, Messaging and Cloud solutions that aid in the learning process offering better access to online resources and improving communication inside and out.

As schools move towards a connected future, it is vital that broadband and phone services are reliable and robust to aid in improving learning environments. Read-on to see a few examples on how innoTel can improve your educational institution.

Education Solutions

Technology solutions

Is your educational institution upgrading its technology or are you venturing into brand new unknown with technology?

innoTel can help you scope and implement your upgrade or new technology requirements and offer advice on alternative or additional options to ensure your network remains future-proofed and meets the high demand of the educational activity’s it undertakes.

Take advantage of reduced pricing on technology, cloud services and communications with innoTel.


Keeping your network secure and protecting staff and students is the first priority for most educational institutions.

Everything from pin code access on phones, to filtered internet connections and strong firewall and network protection are options to ensure your educational institution is protected.

Communication between teachers, students and parents

Communications between Schools, Students and Parents is critical to successful learning environment. With the right phone system solution or messaging solution, utilising email or SMS, schools can improve the way they communicate inside and out. This offers a number methods that teachers, students and parents can use to communicate more easily and effectively improves interaction and helps enrich learning activities.