Accelerate your website with innoTel’s Content Delivery Network.


What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

Put simply, a CDN distributes your websites’ images and content to a network of cache servers around Australia and the world. These cache servers are strategically located, so someone visiting your website will be loading your websites images and content from the closest local cache server, much faster than loading your website from your hosting provider that could be half the country or world away.

Imagine being faced with making the decision to take the shortest or longest path between points A and B? Surely you want to take the shortest path and save time – your website visitors certainly do!


Why choose innoTel’s CDN service?

Most Content Delivery Networks are focused on the northern hemisphere, specifically, North America and Europe, where a large number of the internet-using population resides.

While innoTel’s CDN also serves these regions, we have a large presence in Australian and New Zealand to help customers get the most out of a content delivery network. Our cache servers are located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Auckland for our Kiwi neighbours.


Why are page load times important?

There are two fundamental reasons why page load times on websites are important;

The first is the customer experience. Think back to a time when you were browsing a website and found is slow to load. Not only is a slow loading website frustrating, but it may also cause the user to leave your website and visit a competitors website which is faster, improving their overall experience.

Secondly, search engines now factor in page load times into their algorithms when it comes to ranking websites. A slow loading site could be one of the factors preventing you from moving up a few spots in the search rankings.


Sounds Complicated?

Not when we’ll do all of the set-up and integration for you. Our CDN service will work with any existing web hosting service or host your website with innoTel for a complete hosting experience.